The Second Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends is May 14-15!

The Second Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends is May 14-15!

Spring has sprung in the Tavern! The second Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends event of the year is heading to the Noblegarden on May 14-15. At the end of this month, 16 of the top eligible Ladder competitors from Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe will earn invites to a 48-player qualifying tournament held off-broadcast on April 25. From there, the top 12 players will join four from China to compete for their share of the $50,000 (USD) prize pool on YouTube and Twitch!

Competitors will be able to co-stream their matches during each Lobby Legends event, but we’d love for more members of the community to get involved. If you are interested in streaming Lobby Legends on your own channels, and leveling up your casting abilities to the next Tier, then we want to hear from you. Apply through this survey before March 21 to co-stream Raid Leaders and May 2 for Noblegarden; then, we’ll review all requests and select unique, engaging, and fun individuals to co-stream each Lobby Legends.

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The first Lobby Legends, Raid Leaders, takes place April 2-3. Until then, don’t miss a moment of the first season of Grandmasters or the upcoming Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac. And don’t forget to check out the official Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends rulebook to confirm eligibility, and send any questions or feedback to us at the Hearthstone Esports Twitter. Have a good battle, friends!

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