Announcing Forged in the Barrens, Hearthstone’s Newest Expansion!

Hearthstone: Forged in the Barrens



Forged in the Barrens


Gather your gear and hold fast to your ambition, newcomer. This is the Barrens. The road before us winds through vast, sun-scorched lands, bringing danger and discovery beyond imagination’s grasp. Thorned dens of bristling quilboar, rampaging tribes of furious centaur, and treetop nests of soaring harpies separate the champions from the weak. The Barrens are the anvil upon which the Horde as we know it was founded: A literal crossroads where the tauren, trolls, and orcs came together for the first time. Heroes are made here. Perhaps you, too, shall be Forged in the Barrens.

New Forged in the Barrens Game Board!

Forged in the Barrens will launch worldwide this Spring with 135 new collectible cards! You can find the full schedule for card reveals and see which cards were announced today by visiting the card library here. Check back frequently—the list will be updated with new cards as they’re revealed!

New Keyword: Frenzy

The monsters, minions, magic, and machinery found within the boundaries of the Barrens can turn any upstart axe flinger into a champion of the Horde. Minions with the new Frenzy keyword will trigger a powerful effect the first time they survive damage!

Razormane Raider is a 5 mana 5/5 that when Frenzy activates, will attack a random enemy.Blademaster Samuro is a 4 mana, 1 attack, 6 health minion with Rush and a Frenzy effect that reads Deal damage equal to this minion's attack to all enemy minions.Druid of the Plains is a 7 mana 7/6 with Rush and when activated, Frenzy will transform the druid into a 6/7 Kodo with Taunt.

Ranked Spells

Mastering magic is key to surviving the elements (and elementals). All 10 classes will have access to an all-new Ranked Spell that will grow in power as your reach 5 and 10 Mana Crystals, regardless of whether it’s in your hand or deck!

Imp Swarm is a 2 mana ranked spell from the Fel spell school. It's first rank summons a 3 attack 2 health imp.at 5 mana, Imp Swarm ranks up and summons TWO 3 attack 2 health imps. Still cost 2 mana, and is still a fel spell.Imp Swam upgrades once more at 10 mana crystals and summons three 3 attack 2 health imps.

New Mechanic: Spell Schools

Magical Spell Schools are a permanent addition to Hearthstone, which will be applied retroactively to many previously released spells, adding synergies and a new layer of depth throughout your Collection! Spells in Standard and Wild can now have a tag from one of seven different schools:

  • *UPDATED* Fel (3 Spells in Forged in the Barrens, added to 23 Spells from past sets)
  • *UPDATED* Fire (2 Spells in Forged in the Barrens, added to 45 Spells from past sets)
  • *UPDATED* Shadow (4 Spells in Forged in the Barrens, added to 113 Spells from past sets)
  • *UPDATED* Nature (6 Spells in Forged in the Barrens, added to 117 Spells from past sets)
  • Arcane (2 Spells in Forged in the Barrens, added to 44 Spells from past sets)
  • Frost (2 Spells in Forged in the Barrens, added to 24 Spells from past sets)
  • Holy (5 Spells in Forged in the Barrens, added to 67 Spells from past sets)

Desperate Prayer is a 0 cost Priest spell from the Holy school that restores 5 health to each hero. Spirit Healer is a 4 cost, 3 attack, 6 health neutral minion with card text that reads After you cast a holy spell give a random friendly minion +2 health. Chain ligtning is a ranked nature spell with card text that reads (at rank 1) Deal 2 damage to a minion and a random adjacent one. (upgrades at 5 mana)

Meet the Mercenaries

There’s no shortage of swords-for-hire within the Alliance and Horde. Forged in the Barrens introduces 10 Legendary Mercenary minions, each representing a different class, whose stories will play out across the Year of the Gryphon in an all-new year-long narrative!

Bru'kan is a 4 mana 5/4, with Nature Spell Damage +3.

Pre-Purchase Forged in the Barrens

The Forged in the Barrens Mega Bundle includes 80 Forged in the Barrens card packs, 5 Golden Forged in the Barrens packs, two random Forged in the Barrens Golden Legendary cards, the Hamuul Runetotem Druid Hero, the Hamuul Runetotem card back, and Battlegrounds perks**!


The Forged in the Barrens Bundle includes 60 Forged in the Barrens card packs, two random Forged in the Barrens Legendary cards, and the Hamuul Runetotem card back!



**Battlegrounds Perks are available upon purchase and expire at the end of the Forged in the Barrens expansion cycle.

Log in and Get Shadow Hunter Vol’jin for Free

Shadow Hunter Vol'jin is a 5 mana, 3/6, with a Battlecry that has you choose a minion and swap it with a random one in its owners hand.

A Shadow Hunter is a bit like a Shadow Priest, only with more Voodoo! Log into Hearthstone after the 19.6 patch goes live to receive the Shadow Hunter Vol’jin Neutral Legendary minion for free, available to play immediately! Limited one per account.

Lok’Tar Ogar! The 19.6 patch launches today, which includes a host of Battlegrounds and Duels updates. Check out the patch notes here for details! Also, don't miss our announcement of the next Hearthstone year, the Year of the Gryphon!

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