Descent of Dragons Card Reveal Recap – Dragons Descending

Descent of Dragons Card Reveal Recap – Dragons Descending

The release of Descent of Dragons is nigh, bringing with it a host of high-flying harbingers of fire, ice, and myriad other breathable elements. While we’ve thus far seen only a small selection of sky serpents, recent revelations have added to their ranks. Ready for yet more mighty kings and queens of the skies (and perhaps a few of their allies, underlings, and…maybe some surprises)?

A Seafaring Warrior’s Weaponry

Every self-respecting seadog accepts only the best in pirate-appropriate armaments, favoring the cutlass, or perhaps a nice flintlock pistol. However, sometimes the best-case scenario just isn’t available, and a resourceful rapscallion is forced to make the most of what’s close-at-hand. Every pirate ship has an anchor, right?

Enter Ancharrr, the clever buccaneer’s makeshift battle-ax. Each swing is sure to embolden any sluggish brigand to leap headfirst into battle.


The Elusive Bandersmosh

Ever an evolutionary enigma, the elusive Bandersmosh has defied all rational description or categorization. Rumors suggest that it has aligned itself with E.V.I.L., with reports of seeing the tell-tale purple portending one in league with Rafaam. Though, upon any close inspection…POOF! The Bandersmosh evades examination, leaving an equivalent in its place, always exceptional, yet never expectable.

Will the Bandersmosh ever be captured? Only time will tell.


The Scent of Dragons

That familiar aroma wafts over Dragonblight. Slight tones of char mixed with lethal, corrosive poison and – what’s that? – just a hint of magic. Such pungent portents can only mean one thing: the dragon battle to end all dragon battles has begun.

Mages now find themselves with a mystical ally in Malygos, Aspect of Magic, and his power is augmented by new allies and spells. There’s Arcane Breath, harnessing the destructive power of a dragon to enhance the spellcaster’s sorcerous skills. Speaking of casting, there’s Dragoncaster who, emboldened by the presence of dragons, enables some fantastic spell slinging. Dragoncaster… wow, what an appropriate name.


An Invoker's Companion

It’s a real challenge to fit so many massive dragons into a tavern, especially with a hulking horror around like Scion of Ruin. This Dragon is among the many lieutenants of Galakrond, who grows in strength as Galakrond is invoked. With Scion of Ruin, you’ll quickly lay waste to your enemy’s board if you can invoke Galakrond twice prior to unleashing this lumbering lieutenant.


There’s far more that has been recently revealed, so to revel in the diversity of Descent of Dragons, be sure to explore our Card Reveal website. As a reminder, Descent of Dragons will become available on December 10. We’ll see you in the skies!

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