Celebrating Hearthstone at the HCT World Championship

Celebrating Hearthstone at the HCT World Championship

The Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) concludes with one final epic showdown between the very best Hearthstone players in the world at the 2019 HCT World Championship in Taipei on April 25–28, and you won’t want to miss experiencing all the fun in person! In addition to watching the thrilling matches that will determine who will go home with the lion’s share of the tournament’s $1 million prize pool—and the title of Hearthstone World Champion—Blizzard Entertainment is transforming Heping Basketball Gymnasium and the surrounding area into a celebration of all things Hearthstone.

Watch the Best Hearthstone Pros Compete to Become World Champion1

Tickets are selling fast—so don’t wait! Watch the final Hearthstone Championship Tour event and cheer for your favorite player as they battle to become a Hearthstone World Champion.

Thurs., April 25 Fri., April 26 Sat., April 27 Sun., April 28
TWD 199 / US $6.50 TWD 199 / US $6.50 TWD 299 / US $10.00 TWD 299 / US $10.00

Meet (and Duel!) Iconic Hearthstone Professional Players1

In addition to the 16 Hearthstone players competing at the 2019 HCT World Championship, you will be able to meet a variety of other pros from all over the world, including Orange, Shaxy, Surrender, Pathra and more!

Inside the Heping Basketball Gymnasium, you’ll have a chance to compete against:



















Challenge Fellow Fans in an On-Site Street Arcade1

Put your Hearthstone skills to the test by competing against fellow fans in an on-site Hearthstone Street Arcade to win awesome prizes, including an iPad and Hearthstone card packs!

Please note: players will need to bring their own device. Internet service will not be provided for the Street Arcade, so please ensure your device has its own mobile network connectivity.

Win More Prizes with the Hearthstone Claw Machine

If you’d rather test your skills in a different way in order to win some prizes, come and try your luck with the specially built Hearthstone claw machines and take a photo in the booth with your bounty

Meet Members of the Hearthstone Development Team—and Challenge Them1

Meet members of the Hearthstone development team, including Hearthstone Creative Director Ben Thompson and Game Designer Dean Ayala!  Those who have a ticket can also challenge Dean Ayala to a match of Hearthstone inside the Heping Basketball Gymnasium!

Ben_Thompson.png Dean_Ayala.png
Ben Thompson Dean Ayala
Creative Director Game Designer

Getting Hungry? Stop by the Hearthstone Tavern

Grab a chair in the Hearthstone Tavern and indulge in Hearthstone themed food and drinks! Pull up a chair by the hearth and challenge your fellow fans to a match over a meal. Everyone is welcome in the tavern so come on in!

Make Your Own Hearthstone Masterpiece

Make sure to bring home a memento commemorating an epic experience like attending the 2019 HCT World Championship! Purchase a Hearthstone logo T-shirt and personalize it to show your love for the game. Or if you prefer to look at art instead of creating it, walk through the on-site Hearthstone Art Exhibit and witness how the art of Hearthstone has evolved over the years.!  

Buy a Limited-Edition Shirt at HCT World Championship

Don’t forget to drop by the on-site Blizzard Store for a chance to purchase some Hearthstone goodies, including the limited-edition 2019 HCT World Championship T-shirt.


The 2019 HCT World Championship will begin at 10:00 a.m. CST, April 25–28 (Thurs.–Sun.), and the live broadcast will be on the Official Hearthstone Twitch channel. Join us for an epic finale to the Hearthstone Championship Tour!

1Requires day-of ticket purchase to experience.

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