Hearthstone Update – May 14 – The Dalaran Heist

Hearthstone Update – May 14 – The Dalaran Heist

Today’s Hearthstone update adds a whole new single-player adventure alongside game improvements and bug fixes. Read on for details!

New Single-player Adventure – The Dalaran Heist – Live on May 16!

A Dastardly Deed, Indeed:

Arch-Villain Rafaam has meticulously assembled a league of menacing and megalomaniacal supervillains to undertake his most audacious caper yet – stealing the magical city of Dalaran! As a low-level operative in Rafaam's League of E.V.I.L., you'll rampage through the streets and sewers of Dalaran ensuring that every part of the plan succeeds. Or, at the very least, you'll provide the distraction they need to accomplish their devious goals.

Here’s the Plan:

As with previous deckbuilding Solo Adventures, you'll choose a Hero and work your way through a gauntlet of increasingly difficult encounters, adding cards and powerful treasures to your deck with each win. If your Hero is defeated, you’ll lose the deck you've built and start over. 

Onward to Dalaran!

The Dalaran Heist allows players to unlock more ways to play than ever before. You’ll find more customization, more bosses to fight, and more ways to experience hijinks in the magical city!

  • Hero Loadouts: In addition to 9 playable Heroes, you can unlock new Hero Powers and Decks to be used in your quest to defeat the defenders of Dalaran.
  • Multiple Chapters: Starting this week with ‘Dalaran Bank’ and ‘The Violet Hold,’ the Solo Adventure will unfold in 5 chapters, each with its own rules, events, and unique encounters.
  • Friendly Encounters: Make changes to your Solo Adventure Deck with the help of a friendly tavernkeeper. 
  • Anomaly Mode: Throw Dalaran into chaos by playing through a chapter with randomized special rules. Will it make it easier? Harder? The only guarantee is it'll be CRAZIER.
  • Heroic Mode: For card-core players only: Can you beat the ultimate versions of all the boss encounters?
Prize of Shadows – Acquired from completing The Dalaran Heist in Normal mode.
Prize of Shadows
Got Away with it! – Acquired from completing The Dalaran Heist in Heroic mode.
Got Away with it!

Pricing and Rewards

Get Started for Free!
Crack open the vault and make a mad grab for loot! The first Hero and first chapter of The Dalaran Heist will be available to everyone – for free!

Unlocking Additional Chapters

Launching consecutively over the next 3 weeks, future chapters will be available for purchase as a bundle containing all chapters for $19.99 USD, and individually for 700 Gold or $6.99 USD. Both The Dalaran Bank and the Violet Hold will be available on launch day!

Unlocking each chapter after The Bank will also unlock two additional Heroes to use in The Dalaran Heist!

Earn Up To 16 Packs

Earn 3 Rise of Shadows Packs by playing through each chapter, and a Golden Classic Pack when you conquer them all. Plus, earn two unique card backs for completing all chapters on Normal or Heroic Mode.

Get Your Golden Legendary

Add a Golden Zayle, Shadow Cloak collectible card to your collection when you own all five chapters. Add this card to an empty deck, queue up for a match, and receive one of five pre-made E.V.I.L. decks!

Golden Zayle, Shadow Cloak

  • Single-player Reconnect – Players can now resume in-progress single-player content after game disconnects, closures, and crashes.
    • Please note that this is the first version of this feature and we plan to keep improving it over time. 
  • Kalecgos no longer grants a discount to another spell if the first spell is countered. This is now consistent with other one-time cost reduction effects, such as Inkmaster Solia or Kirin Tor Mage.
  • Explosive Runes now deals correct damage to minions that transform after they come into play.
  • Fixed an issue causing Nat, the Darkfisher to trigger more often than 50% of the time.
  • Changed the condition on Prismatic Lens to swap costs if both a minion and spell are drawn, instead of requiring both cards to also end in the player's hand. This means if Prismatic Lens now draws a minion and a “Casts When Drawn” spell, it will still swap their costs.
  • Fixed an issue where Da Undatakah would not return spells cast on it after copying Test Subject's Deathrattle.
  • Fixed an issue where Twilight's Call would not resurrect Deathrattle minions that were silenced before dying.
  • Fixed an issue where Twilight’s Call would resurrect cards that were granted a Deathrattle by cards like Soul of the Murloc but did not have an inherent Deathrattle effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze if Unseen Saboteur caused your opponent to play a Chameleos that had transformed into a spell.
  • Fixed an issue where damage would not be correctly doubled when playing a healing effect with Crystalsmith Kangor and Auchenai Soulpriest on the board.
  • Fixed an issue where playing cards like Faceless Manipulator with Flobbidinous Floop in hand resulted in Floop transforming into the minion that Faceless Manipulator copied, instead of transforming into a copy of the Faceless Manipulator.
  • Fixed an issue where Eviscerate pulled from Unseen Saboteur can deal its combo damage if the Eviscerate's owner had combo activated on the previous turn.
  • Fixed an issue where minions that are forced to attack (such as due to Flark's Boom-Zooka) will not have their cost modified after attacking into a Freezing Trap.
  • Fixed an issue where Minion health could disappear during the mulligan phase in the Thai language client.
  • [Android] Adjusted installation and patching to be more consistent across all mobile platforms.
  • [Android] Fixed an issue causing some tablets to use the user interface intended for phones.
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue causing text to disappear when switching to a non-english language client.
  • [Android] Fixed various installation issues encountered on Pixel devices.
  • [Rumble Run] Fixed an issue where Freezing Trap would destroy the enemy's shrine without leaving the dormant shrine.

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