Rastakhan’s Rumble: Show Your Team Spirit

Rastakhan’s Rumble: Show Your Team Spirit

Rastakhan’s Rumble is almost upon us, and it’s time for YOU to be a part of the action – and earn a card pack when you show your support!

Showing your team spirit is quick and easy, and there’s no war paint or tusk-polishing involved.  


Head on over to the Rastakhan’s Rumble Team Spirit webpage, log in with your Battle.net account, and choose which team speaks to you! Does the ferocity of Wardruid Loti and the ferociously-named Gonk the Raptor fill your heart with fervor? Or are you the master of disaster, ready to charge into the fray with War Master Voone and Akali, the Rhino? The choice is yours! Choose one of the teams that best represents you and earn one card pack from Rastakhan’s Rumble that you can tear open after Rastakhan's Rumble is released! It’s that easy!

Show Your Team Spirit

Voting ends on December 3 (PT).

Don’t miss your ticket to Rastakhan’s Rumble! Pre-purchase one or both bundles and make sure your team is ready to throw down when Rastakhan’s Rumble releases starting December 4!

*UPDATE: The bonus Rastakhan’s Rumble card pack from Show Your Team Spirit will be available soon after Rastakhan’s Rumble is released on December 4. Once your Rastakhan’s Rumble pack is awarded, it will automatically appear in-game.

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