Bask in the Days of the Frozen Throne Now

Bask in the Days of the Frozen Throne Now

As foretold, I, the Lich King, have brought you Days of the Frozen Throne! In the likely event that your feeble memory has failed you, I will remind you of the glory that awaits.

Log in to receive a gift suited to the Scourge: a free golden Happy Ghoul card!


Don the mantle of a deadly Death Knight—on the very first turn!—in a chilling new Tavern Brawl! Use a provided deck armed with Knights of the Frozen Throne cards to prove which of my champions is the most potent.


Complete a set of sequential special quests that reward 300 gold each, for a total of 600 gold!

Stave off the ferocious chill of Northrend and add the power of more Death Knights to your collection!

Acquire the Bundle Up Bundle NOW – 30 Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs for a special price!


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