The Boomsday Project Inn-vitational’s Top Secret Decklists—Unveiled!

The Boomsday Project Inn-vitational’s Top Secret Decklists—Unveiled!

Science is best enjoyed when everyone can get in on the experimentation, so we’re releasing our research on all the fascinating plays and compelling combos from The Boomsday Project Inn-vitational.

With these notes in hand, you’ll be set to blast your opponents with SCIENCE!

Didn’t watch The Boomsday Project Inn-vitational? Read more about it here, or watch the tournament VODs, then check out the decks for yourself below!



Team South Korea

The South Korean crew is looking to control the cadence of their opponents’ game plans with a Pogo-Hopper Rogue; take trades with a wide board in a more midrange Shaman; slowly manipulate the battlefield with a controlling Quest Warlock; and play for the long game in an Odd Warrior. This is a lineup that will flourish if they can hit their key removal but could crumble under the pressure from enemy early game.


Team Taiwan

Taiwan has a wicked-fast Aggro Mage that employs the new Spell Damage cards; a Divine Spirit/Inner Fire Priest with multiple big Mech bodies; a Control Warlock with a scary Mecha’thun finisher; and their own Odd Warrior leaning heavily on Rush and Mech minions. While there’s not as clear of a trend to this lineup, Taiwan has options to counter almost anything they’re up against.


Team North America

The North American team has a safe Odd Paladin featuring a handful of powerful new Mechs; an Even Shaman taking advantage of additional Elemental and Overload synergies; an aggressive Zoo Warlock variant without the otherwise popular healing package; and a low-curve Control Warrior with the all-new Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. They're looking to play efficiently by getting out in front of their opponents with a strong and consistent early game.


Team Europe

Team Europe has elected to utilize their take on a defensive, fast-ramping Malygos Druid; a high-pressure Deathrattle Rogue packing Necrium Blades and Vials; a more traditional-looking Aggro Shaman that wants to end the game using Electra Stormsurge and Bloodlust; and their own Demon Zoo with a partial Nethersoul Buster support setup. Europe is all-in on burst, whether through the combo stylings of their Druid or the hard-hitting, board-based game plan of their three other decks.



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