Taverns of Time is Here!

Taverns of Time is Here!

It turns out that Toki was tracking the right timeline, because the Taverns of Time event has begun! Time-Tinker Toki’s experiment has gone catastrophically wrong, just as predicted! This is an unprecedented arcano-scientific opportunity! Time to put on your labcoats and do some SCIENCE!


Fortunately for us, future Toki prepared us with a full report on the Taverns of Time:

Analyze all-new Quests that award both gold and Arcane Dust!


Grab a free Arena Ticket, then observe the effects of twenty-eight mysterious, never-before-seen cards as they appear in the Arena!



Toki is confident that she’ll have everything back to normal by July 3 (she would have been done sooner, but she had to go back to the past to warn us). Fortunately for us, there’s still time to enjoy this unique phenomenon, so experience Taverns of Time for yourself before time runs out!


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