Off-Meta Spotlight - March 23, 2018

Off-Meta Spotlight - March 23, 2018


One of the greatest joys in Hearthstone is watching players adapt and grow throughout the course of a competitive season. We’re always surprised and inspired by the inventive deck ideas that spring up on the ladder in the face of stiff competition.

Today, we wanted to showcase a few of the awesome, creative decks that have been successfully climbing through the rank of Legend.

To find these decks, we scoured the rankings for players that did well last week and picked out some interesting builds from amongst these top performers. We only selected decks that were played in 50 or more games at Legend level.

Kicking off our trio we have a Dragon’s Fury Quest Mage deck by Fingon in the EU region. Fingon found spell-slinging success with this Quest Mage deck, clocking a 67% win rate at the higher end of Legend. If you’re looking to take advantage of Ice Block in Standard before it rotates out to the Hall of Fame, this deck provides you with a great opportunity! Leaving out staple Mage cards like Frost Bolt creates room for Dragon’s Fury to make an appearance, giving the deck an extra board-clearing punch. Meanwhile, Babbling Book fills multiple roles—it offers early turn plays and helps you complete Open the Waygate. After it’s done, you’re free to make some Arcane Giants and crush your opponent!

Next up, we have Suimin’s Kingsbane-focused Rogue deck, which utilizes another Hall of Fame inductee: Cold Light Oracle. Suimin took this version of “Kingsbane Mill” to great heights on the SEA ladder, with an overall 64% win rate. Combining multiple weapon enhancements with Kingsbane’s ability to retain them, this Rogue deck is able to take exceptional advantage of the removal cards that rely on having a weapon. Suimin’s deck can be challenging to play, with some truly awesome interactions that’ll demand mastery of its ins and outs, but the learning process will be tons of fun.

Last on our list—but certainly not least—we have Zetalot with a Gilded Dragon Control deck. Zetalot, who’s earned a reputation as a guiding light for Priest players, piloted this deck to an impressive 66% win rate over 123 games. Nearly reaching the pinnacle of the EU ranked ladder, Zetalot’s list initially appears to be an unassuming dragon/control hybrid. However, opponents quickly discovered out that this deck hides a deadly finishing option. Using the Coin from the single Gilded Gargoyle to help set up the finishing combo, this Priest pilot can combine the spell-pumping power of Prophet Velen with the burst of double Mind Blast to deliver 20 damage in a single turn!

Each of these players displayed amazing skill on their journey through the ranks of Legend. However, a new challenge looms on the horizon: The Witchwood, and all the new cards and strategies that’ll come with it! With the introduction of Hearthstone’s newest set, we are excited to see what new, inventive decks players will come up with.

What are some of the craziest decks you’ve seen or played on the ladder lately? Have any predictions of what we may see after The Witchwood is upon us? Let us know on TwitterFacebook, or in the comments below!

Good luck on your climbs, everyone!

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