Designer Insights: Upcoming Arena Changes

Designer Insights: Upcoming Arena Changes

There are some exciting changes coming to the Arena in the upcoming 10.4 update! Watch the video below to get the full details on the update from Lead Systems Designer Kris Zierhut.

Here’s a quick recap of the upcoming Arena changes:

  • Each Arena pick in a draft will feature three cards of relatively equal power level, but different rarities.
  • Picks one, 10, 20, and 30 will continue to have a guaranteed Rare quality card or better.
  • The increased chance to see cards from the most recent expansion has been temporarily disabled in Update 10.4.
  • The new Arena cards that were decided on at BlizzCon will also be added in Update 10.4 for a limited time.


  • All cards that are excluded from the Arena draft pool remain unchanged.
  • Other existing Arena rules in place that affect appearance rates are unchanged.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Arena changes? Let us know in the comments below! 

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