Malto's Guided Tours: The League of Explorers (Heroic)

Malto's Guided Tours: The League of Explorers (Heroic)

Greetings, friend!

It is excellent that you are here! I, Malto, am your humble host, and one of my favorite pastimes is to help heroes like you defeat some of the most powerful encounters in Hearthstone. My apologies, but did you accompany us on last week’s tour of Blackrock Mountain? I am usually better at remembering friendly faces, but the smoke was exceptionally thick in the depths of the Firelord’s lair.

Today, we shall fall in step with of some of Azeroth’s finest pathfinders: the League of Explorers! We’ll accompany these famed adventurers on a journey through exotic and dangerous locales, in search of an ancient Titan artifact: the Staff of Origination. We must be wary, as we won’t be the only ones searching for this lost relic. Dangers lurks around every turn, waiting for curious travelers to make just one wrong move. But fear not—on Malto’s Guided Tours, your safety is virtually guaranteed!

Our exceedingly safe search for the Staff of Origination will take us to four unique locations: we’ll raid the Temple of Osiris with Reno Jackson, traverse the haunted halls of Uldaman with Brann Bronzebeard, sack the Ruined City with Sir Mrrgglton, and return to the Hall of Explorers with Elise Starseeker. With any luck, we’ll find exactly what we’re looking for!

We have quite the adventure ahead of us, so let’s not keep the League waiting any longer!

Temple of Osiris



The Ruined City

Hall of Explorers


Hopefully my advice will help you track down the lost Titan artifact, and maybe even leave a good impression with the League! If you still find yourself longing for ancient treasures, you can find the Hearthstone Adventures of old on the Blizzard Shop!

One moment, now. What’s this raven carrying? An invitation! My, the majestic mage Medivh is planning the biggest party Azeroth has ever seen—and we’re invited! Get your best robes pressed, and join me next week as we relive the evening of a lifetime: One Night in Karazhan!

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