The Hearthstone Global Games Return For 2018!

The Hearthstone Global Games Return For 2018!

UPDATE: The top Hearthstone Competitive Point earner in countries participating in HGG will automatically qualify for one spot on their nation’s four-player roster. The next eight (8) point earners per country will form the pool of players that the community can vote on to their national team. If any of these players are unable to participate, subsequent point earners (10th place and beyond) will be added to fill the voting pool.

You heard it right. We’re pleased to announce that the Hearthstone Global Games (HGG) are back for 2018!

HGG 2017 was a rollercoaster of emotions as we followed the national teams’ exploits. We saw underdogs rise to become champions, and unknown players become hometown heroes. Expect 2018 to bring a little more still!

As with last year, HGG will have four players per national team. The first player for each team will be the country or region’s top Competitive Point earner within a designated period. Voting will fill out the rest of the roster—only this time, you’ll be able to cast three unique votes! Get ready to help build your country or region’s dream team.

If you’re the patriotic sort and want to play on your national team, make sure you’re already earning those Hearthstone Competitive points, because Season 1’s points will be used to determine the top point earner for each country or region’s team. 

If you’re new to the Hearthstone Championship Tour circuit, you can get a lowdown of the 2018 esports programs here. You may also want to spend some time learning about the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Stops and HCT Challengers.

More details about the HGG program itself will be shared soon, but you should get crackin’ on those points! The HGG finals will be held at BlizzCon this November 2-3 2018.

The Hearthstone Global Games 2017 saw players, communities, and entire countries unite to cheer on their fellow regions. Relive some of the more epic moments of the year with us!

Whether you had fun with the Hearthstone Global Games last year, or didn’t manage to get in on the action, please join us for HGG 2018!

Watch out for more program information on our Hearthstone Esports Facebook and Twitter with the #HGG hashtag! 

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