Malto's Guided Tours: The Frozen Throne

Malto's Guided Tours: The Frozen Throne

Greeting’s Adventurer!

You have proven yourself within the wings of Icecrown. It is now time to take on the Lich King himself!

The Frozen Throne

The Lich King is not someone we will take lightly. His unorthodox strategies make planning for this encounter a bit difficult. In true raid fashion, we will be utilizing minions who help each other get stronger throughout the fight..

Helping our crusade, we will be turning to the might of the Priest, Anduin.

Don’t Let Up!

Play your minions whenever you can. Outpacing the Lich King is the key to victory!

Master The Scourge!

Use your minions to keep the army of the Lich King at bay.


Well done! The wrath of the Lich King is once again laid to rest. However, there is an even bigger challenge ahead. Defeating the Lich King with each class! Join me next time as we turn to Velaris for help in this great achievement. See you soon!

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