What's Your Winningest Card Back?

What's Your Winningest Card Back?

With the Hearthstone Inn-vitational (HSI) about to light up the stage at BlizzCon, we asked the competitors a truly challenging question: Which card back is your go-to when you really want to win, and why? Some of their answers may surprise you.


Octavian ‘Kripparrian’ Morosan is a force of nature (but not a Force of Nature!) in the Hearthstone scene, and he knows it. Kripp said, “From all the Hearthstone I see, my own experience takes up the largest chunk of time—so the ‘winningest’ card back must be the one I’ve used for the longest time, right?”


“While I cycle between most of the new card backs these days, the one I used the most in the past four years of Hearthstone is the Magni card back. IT’S HAMMER TIME!”


Some players just want that little bit of swagger. Dima ‘RDU’ Radu is one of them, and he goes straight for the stylish jugular.


“The Golden Celebration card back is by far the best, because it’s the most exclusive,” he said. (It's only available after finishing at a high level in an approved esports event.) “Only used that one since I first unlocked it!”


If you’re a long-time card player, maybe you’re all about that foil life. Alex ‘NaviOOT’ Ridley is right there with you: “To no surprise, the card back I think is the ‘winningest’ is the Golden Celebration card back.”


“Something that was always cool to me when I played ‘paper’ card games was trying to ‘foil out’ your deck—having cards in alternate rarities from what they normally were, or even alternate languages or art, was always something cool to look at—and the Golden Celebration card back appeals to that side of me. It also represents the work it took to qualify for Last Call in 2016, which is what I got it for.”


Jack ‘J4CKIECHAN’ Hutton's card back needs to ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ, so he relies on the tastiest choice:


“The Pie card back gives you the energy you need to top-deck Prince Keleseth on turn two,” he said.

Disguised Toast

Of course a man disguised as breakfast would want to be sneaky. Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang hopes to conceal his power level from your scouter:


“Classic card back is the way to go,” he said. “With the other card backs, you give away a bit of information about your Hearthstone history. With Classic, you can be a three-year veteran or a day-one beginner, leaving your opponent clueless about the true strength of your Hearthstone skills. Psychological warfare.”


The lovable Anthony ‘Ant’ Trevino may seem gentle on the outside, but it turns out he’s on a ruthless quest to dominate his opponents: “I’d say the best card back has to be Golden Celebration. Since it is so hard to obtain, it strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies whenever they come across it.”


“If opponents are brave enough to take you on after seeing the card back, the shine from it being solid gold can blind your opponents and make it nearly impossible to look at.”


We all know this feeling—the sadness of a card back we’ll never get to call our own. Pathra Cadness laments the one that got away:


“The Legacy of the Void card back—it’s unattainable to me, and it’s the best-looking card back in my opinion.”

These are the critical card-back tactics of seven of the talented players destined to do glorious battle at BlizzCon. Have they chosen wisely, or will their pathetic card back choices betray them? Tune in for the Hearthstone Inn-vitational this weekend to find out!

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