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Catch up on our Latest Campfire Chat

Catch up on our Latest Campfire Chat

On February 29, we held a Campfire Chat showcasing the Gauntlet: a fixed-layout endgame dungeon coming on March 5. Community director Adam Fletcher, associate game director Joe Piepiora, and lead live class designer Adam Jackson sat down to discuss our mid-season update for Season of the Construct.

This update brings many class balance updates and the return of a few updated vampiric powers from Season of Blood. Vampiric Powers return as Legendary Aspects that have a chance to drop from all enemies in Sanctuary.

Check out the replay from our Gauntlet Showcase event, where members of our development team showed Gauntlet gameplay! They were joined by Annacakelive and MacroBioBoi, who provided skillful commentary during the carnage.

If you’d like to watch the full Campfire Chat to catch up on all the details, see the video below.

To read our deep dive on the Gauntlet, you can read that blog here.

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