Diablo IV

Raise Hell with the BlizzCon Collection

Raise Hell with the BlizzCon Collection

The planes of the Burning Hells and High Heavens collide-- manifesting once again at BlizzCon 2023. Celebrate the return of BlizzCon by securing your BlizzCon Collection to access wicked in-game items for Diablo IV, and more. This BlizzCon Collection gives you macabre cosmetics from across Sanctuary, heightening the gravitas of any battle-hardened wanderer.

Secure the Epic Pack to obtain these hellishly resplendent cosmetics in Diablo IV:

  • Lapisvein Mount*
  • Cobalt Ensign Mount Trophy*
  • Demon-Mother Countenance Mount Trophy*

For those looking for increased access to Seasonal exclusives and a mount fitted to endure the most fearsome of nights, the Legendary Pack includes:

  • Midnight Harness Mount Armor*
  • Premium Battle Pass** (redeemable for any one season)

Purchasing either BlizzCon Collection also grants in-game items of the same Tier across all Blizzard games, including a discount and early access to exclusive BlizzCon 2023 merch. Note that for BlizzCon 2023 ticket holders, your ticket already includes all items from the Legendary Pack Tier. BlizzCon Collection codes are now going out to BlizzCon in-person attendees starting today, with our goal to have them to all BlizzCon in-person attendees by November 4. Obtaining a BlizzCon Collection isn’t necessary to watch the event virtually, the show will be livestreamed for free.

BlizzCon Collection can be purchased at our BlizzCon site here.

Embrace the darkness at BlizzCon 2023.

*These items will be available for users in-game on Oct 31. Limitations Apply. See the Battle.net store for more details.

**Premium Battle Pass can be used for Season of Blood on Oct. 17 or any future season.

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