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Thwart Hellspawn with Tidelost Glory

Thwart Hellspawn with Tidelost Glory

Since our last content update, you have gathered powerful Runes, survived the Terror Incarnate in the Abyssal Verge, and escaped the Castle Erebban to emerge victorious. This content update highlights the Season 28 Battle Pass, a new Cosmetics quality-of-life feature, Rune drop rate changes, and more.

As with previous content updates, there will be server maintenance starting on June 25, from 5 p.m.–7 p.m. PDT for Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe servers, and on June 26, from 1 a.m.–3 a.m. PDT for servers in the Americas. After the maintenance has concluded, all items mentioned below will be live—specific dates for any content going live afterward are provided below.


Battle Pass Season 28: Tidelost Glory

Server Merge

New Collection Gallery Feature

Returning Events

Feature Updates

Bug Fixes

Battle Pass Season 28: Tidelost Glory

Though the vestiges of Pelghain’s imperial glory will never return, it is impossible to forget. The Season 27 Battle Pass sails through 40 ranks worth of rewards, such as Crests, Hilts, Legendary Gems, and more.

The Season 28 Battle Pass storms asunder starting July 4, 3 a.m. server time and ends August 1, 3 a.m. server time—begin slaying demons and climbing your way through the ranks today!

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Server Merge

Following Diablo Immortal’s scheduled maintenance on June 26 at 1:00 a.m. server time, we will be merging the populations of select servers. This change is being made so players will have an easier time finding other players to party up with regardless of the server they play on.

For a full list of the Servers that will be merging, you can read our post on the Forums here.

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New Collection Gallery Feature

The elites among the aristocracies of Sanctuary know their gilded threads draw as many envious onlookers as they do admirers. A friend’s gaze is drawn to the same place a cutthroat may plan their next mark.

You now have the ability to preview the entire range of cosmetics available in the new Cosmetic Gallery, regardless of whether you own them or not. The Cosmetic Gallery tracks which Cosmetics you own, helping to keep a record of your armors and robes, as well as the collections of other players within your server.

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Returning Events

Fractured Plane

In a place like Sanctuary, even those with the utmost mental fortitude can find themselves lost to the unrelenting darkness spread by the Burning Hells. Broken. Shattered. Trapped in the deepest recesses of their mind. Entering the Fractured Plane is the only way forward. This event will run from June 28, 3 a.m.–July 5, 3 a.m. server time. For more information about the Fractured Plane event, please visit this article.


An ancient fighting pit where the Fahiran aristocracy held brutal games has been uncovered in Shassar. Fight tooth and nail June 28, 3 a.m.–July 5, 3 a.m. server time during the Conqueror limited time PvP event to bring honor to your name and riches to your collection. For more information about this event, please visit this article.

Wild Brawl

Enlist your most trusted companions and outlast enemy teams in the Wild Brawl event. In this unique, limited-time PVP event from July 5, 3 a.m.–July 12, 2:59 a.m. server time, players start at Level 1, work together in teams of 6 to explore an expansive map, and endure to become the last surviving team. Equip discovered gear, gain experience to strengthen your power, and slay everything in sight to win the battle. This arena-style game mode ends when one team has outlasted the others to make their eternal mark on Sanctuary. For more information about Wild Brawl, please visit this article.

Hungering Moon

The moon, underfed, demands sustenance… providing you with an upcoming opportunity to sate its seemingly endless appetite for blood!

The moonlit path you’ll take to heed your lunar overlord’s howl is ready to be travelled. Players can complete up to three tasks a day between June 29, 3 a.m.–July 6, 2:59 a.m. server time. For more information about Hungering Moon, please visit this article.

Shady Stock

Yakin has once again come into possession of some liberated merchandise, likely plucked from a far-away excavation. His Shady Stock is in high demand and will be available to peruse from July 6, 3 a.m.–July 23, 3 a.m. server time, or until Westmarch’s guards raid his supply. For more information about Shady Stock, please visit this article.

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Feature Updates

Rune Drop Rate Changes

We are increasing the drop rates of Runes and Abyssal Essence within Erebban Castle and the Abyssal Verge. These adjustments are to make sure these two new game modes are the most potent source to earn and craft Runes. We will continue to monitor these new drops and your feedback around the Rune system as it continues to expand and grow.

Abyssal Verge and the Castle Erebban Adjustments

We’re making some adjustments to the Abyssal Verge and the Castle Erebban game modes.

For Abyssal Verge, the boss will now respawn at a location further away from the Terror Incarnate. We’ve also fixed the issue where the special effects within the Terror Incarnate would disappear in certain instances, along with the issue where no points would be awarded from defeating Elites.

For the Erebban Castle, the distance between the entrance to the castle and your point of escape has been shortened. We’ve removed the need to confirm your exit with the Portal to escape, so it only needs to be selected once. The fire attack for the Avatar of Terror has been reduced in damage to avoid killing players as quickly. We’ve also fixed an issue that caused navigation to the escape point to direct players to an invalid location off the map.

In addition to increasing the rune drop rewards we have also increased experience, Gold and Item drops in both game modes. Hitting a higher score threshold in Abyssal Verge, and Danger Meter in the Castle Erebban will bolster these rewards even further.

Shadow War Management Tool

We recognize that managing adventurers for their participation in Shadow Wars can be a complex yet critical task, which can sometimes cause them to participate in the wrong match or miss a final entirely. To improve this mighty delegation, we’re introducing a new Shadow War management tool to help make the process easier.

Now, Clan leaders and Officers can arrange and plan who will participate in their Shadow War at any time in the week in advance of their match, removing any confusion of missing the Shadow War. Learn how to harness this mighty tool by checking out this new feature in-game.

Battleground Rank Ranges

Considering how frustrating it is to lose your Rank in Battlegrounds after fighting for a long time to reach it, we are changing the way Ranks function after several losses.

After reaching a Major rank withing Battlegrounds, you will no longer fall from the major Rank but instead stay within that tier. This ensures that as long as you get one of the major Ranks (Silver, Gold, Legendary) your Rank will reduce but not drop to one of the lower Rank tiers before the end of the season. For example, you could still reduce in Rank from Silver II to Silver I, but not from Silver I to Bronze V.

Battlegrounds Time Extends

We are extending Battlegrounds availability by 2 hours from 8 p.m.—10 p.m. local server time, making the overall time to play 6 p.m.—12 a.m. local server time giving you even more time to fight against your fierce rivals.

Phantom Market Effects Functionality Changes

We are including the ability to swap the visual effects on between Phantom Market Legendary cosmetics. This includes movement effects, idle effects, and PvP kill effects. Note that this change is only for Phantom Market skins only.

Inferno Set Bonus Changes

We’ve fixed an issue that caused the higher and lower thresholds for Set item stats in Inferno I and higher to be correct.

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Bug Fixes

Looking for the latest round of hotfixes and bug fixes implemented for Diablo Immortal? Check here for all-platform fixes—updated on Tuesdays.

As a wise scholar once said, the more plentiful your Runes, the more plentiful your trials.
-The Diablo Immortal Team

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