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Cull the Unworthy in Survivor’s Bane

Cull the Unworthy in Survivor’s Bane

Since our last content update, players celebrated the Lunar New Year with Tong-Shi’s Renewal, slew allies in Howler Hunt, and devoured the Season 23 Battle Pass. This content update introduces changes to the Survivor’s Bane Event, 42 new Legendary items, Class Balance updates, and a new PvP mode: Tower War.

As with previous content updates, there will be server maintenance starting on February 20, from 4 p.m.–6 p.m. PST for Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe servers, and on February 21, from 12 a.m.–2 a.m. PST for servers in the Americas. After the maintenance has concluded, all items mentioned below will be live—specific dates for any content going live afterward are provided below.


Survivor’s Bane Updates

New PvP Mode: Tower War

Returning Events

42 New Legendary Items and Class Balance

Feature Updates

Bug Fixes

Survivor’s Bane Updates

Developer’s Note: We’ve heard your feedback that the rewards provided for playing Survivor’s Bane didn’t feel rewarding enough, and that another option to exit Endless mode other than by dying was needed, and that several Skills lacked in strength when compared to their contemporaries. The following changes were made to directly address these feedback points, while injecting more fun and flexibility into the event. We hope you enjoy this iteration of Survivor’s Bane and we welcome any additional feedback you might have.

  • Rewards will now be based upon kill count instead of combat duration.
  • In Endless Mode, players will see a menu option at roughly 12, 17, 22, and 27 minutes in that provides the option to exit and claim their rewards or to continue playing. Enemies will be stronger if the player decides to continue.

A variety of Skills have been strengthened as well:

  • Ray of frost:
    • Level 2: Width increased from 30 to 50%. Damage increased by 30%.
    • Level 4: Width increased by 30% has become distance increased by 50%. Damage increased by 30%.
  • Bone Spear: Skill at Level 8 now consumes 2% of current Life instead of maximum Life. Damage increased by 100%.
  • Multishot: Damage and number of arrows increased by 30%.
  • Rain of Vengeance: When upgraded, damage increases by 30%.
  • Whirlwind: Range increase upgrade also increases damage by 30%.
  • Ground Stomp: Range increase upgrade also increases damage by 30%. Cooldown decreased from 24 to 16 seconds.
  • Arcane Torrent, Condemn, Deadly Reach Falling Sword, Swarm of Bats, Wave Strike: Range increase upgrade also increases damage by 30%.
  • Wave of Blood: Base damage increased by 20%. Range increase upgrade also increases damage by 30%.
  • Magic Missile: Cooldown decreased from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: Base damage increased by 20%.

Adventurers can cull the unworthy in this updated version of Survivor’s Bane from February 23, 3 a.m.–March 1, 3 a.m. server time.

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New PvP Mode: Tower War

The spirit of competition rings anew throughout Westmarch. Assemble your team of 8 warriors and head to the Battleground Captain for a new, limited time PvP mode: —Tower War.

The Tower War experience might feel familiar to some—two teams enter, but only one can capture and hold the map’s 5 Effigies long enough to awaken and slay the Scared Guardian, accruing the needed 1,500 points to secure victory along the way. You’ll experience the same action-packed gameplay found in an Accursed Tower PvP match, but with the added ease of access seen in PvP activities such as Battleground. Like Battleground, Tower War has rankings for you to climb—earning rewards like upgrade materials, Legendary items, and Normal Gems—on a leaderboard you can cement your name in.

Those looking to flaunt their martial prowess can compete in this arena of carnage from February 26, 10 a.m.—March 25, 10 p.m. server time. Tower War takes place from 10 a.m.–12 p.m., 2–4 p.m., and 8–10 p.m. server time each day of its run and you must be Level 55 or higher to play, so plan accordingly.

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Returning Events

Alley of Blood

Quarreling forces threaten to desecrate hallowed grounds, marking a point in the conflict between the forces of Shadows and Immortals. Demolish opposing Sentry Towers and dismantle the enemy team’s base of operations by shattering their Crystal Heart. Imbue your adventurer with Specialist Skills for a tactical advantage, and guard and bolster your Champion’s Marks to claim the day. From February 23, 3a.m.—March 1, 3a.m. server time, fight alongside Sacred Guardians in the Alley of Blood.

Fire Before Darkness

There are few in Sanctuary capable enough to stand against the darkness and wager their life for the defenseless. But you, adventurer, have consigned your days to thinning out the ranks of the Burning Hells, ushering in safety where all hope was once lost. Your quest to serve the downtrodden grows in complexity—harness the fire within to contain ever spreading darkness.

From February 24 at 3:00 a.m.–March 2 at 2:59 a.m. server time, as you complete daily Fire Before Darkness tasks, you’ll receive various rewards for your heroics. Racking up enough completed tasks will also unlock milestone rewards for you—an ode to vanquishing countless demons.

All Clans on Deck

The armies of the Burning Hells are mustering their forces for a ploy, most assuredly of nefarious intent. You must rally your banner, adventurer—call upon your Clan for aid to beat back the tide of darkness! From March 2, 3 a.m.–March 9, 2:59 a.m. server time, Sanctuary will need All Clans on Deck. For more information about this event and its rewards, visit this article.

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42 New Legendary Items and Class Balance

The Legendary items displayed below can only be obtained in Inferno Difficulty V and above.


  • Cliff Divers (Pants): Activating Leap increases your Critical Hit Chance by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Fallow Field (Main Hand): Whirlwind now consumes Life instead of energy, allowing you to maintain your Whirlwind as long as blood still flows in your veins.
  • Indignant Survivor (Chest): Each time you are attacked, the Critical Hit Chance of Whirlwind is increased by 6% for 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 18%.
  • Pot Metal (Helm): Demoralize is now Ancestral Protector, granting you an absorb shield that makes you immune to knockback effects while active.
  • Ramshackle Fight (Shoulders): During Wrath of the Berserker, each Critical Hit will reduce its cooldown by 0.3 seconds, up to a maximum of 1.8 seconds.
  • Roar of Persuasion (Off Hand): Wrath of the Berserker no longer increases Attack and Movement Speed, instead it now increases Critical Hit Damage and gives you Life Drain.

Blood Knight

  • Bloodfeast (Helm): Mephitic Cloud now damages nearby enemies and drains their Life.
  • Deathmarked (Chest): Whirling Strike applies a Drain Mark to enemies for 5 seconds. When you damage a marked enemy, you will recover Life equal to 5% of the damage.
  • Flagellant's Spines (Shoulders): Swarm of Bats now consumes your life to sustain the swarm as it hunts down enemies.
  • Misery Shard (Main Hand): Whenever you are attacked during Siphon Blood, you will deal additional damage to enemies you are siphoning.
  • Rabid Shriek (Pants): Each time you are attacked, Swarm of Bats damage is increased by 6% for 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 18%.
  • Vicious Talisman (Off Hand): Each time you are attacked, Ravage's Attack Speed is increased by 35% for 2 seconds.


  • Blood-Stained Faith (Chest): Conjuration of Light now calls four bodyguards of light to surround and follow you, slashing enemies with their swords.
  • Kehjistan Sunrise (Shoulders): Whenever Falling Sword deals damage 3 times, it will call a shaft of light, dealing additional damage.
  • Lightstriders (Pants): Draw and Quarter no longer grants you a mount, and instead now summons two horses of light that charge at enemies, damaging them and causing knockback.
  • Masque of Condemnation (Helm): Holy Banner now rallies you and nearby summons, increasing Attack Speed and Critical Hit Chance.
  • Skull Cracker (Main Hand): Falling Sword now attaches the Mark of the Sword to you and nearby summons, causing swords to continually fall at the location of the marked.
  • Unholy Wall (Off Hand): Each ally affected by Holy Banner increases the Movement Speed of you and your allies by 15%, up to a maximum of 45%.

Demon Hunter

  • Abeyant Pyre (Chest): Smoke Screen now throws firebombs at a target location that Slow and Burn enemies.
  • Death Appended (Main Hand): Crossbow Shot has a 15% chance of firing an additional shot.
  • Convergent Moon (Pants): The cooldown of Spinning Chakram is reduced by 0.15 seconds whenever your Primary Attack hits an enemy.
  • Electrum Luna (Off Hand): Spinning Chakram now throws a windwheel blade that drags enemies along its path before spinning in place and exploding.
  • Eyes Ablaze (Helm): Multishot causes an explosion when hitting Burning enemies, dealing additional damage to nearby enemies.
  • Master of Coin (Shoulders): Daring Swing now shoots fire arrows that ignite its path and cause enemies to Burn.


  • Gilded Rain (Shoulders): Imprisoned Fist now targets an area, dealing damage and Immobilizing enemies, making them unable to use Dash skills.
  • Howling Gouge (Off Hand): Wave Strike now fires piercing air blades that damage and knock back enemies.
  • Perdition's Envoy (Pants): Flying Kick now launches a flaming spirit that damages and Burns enemies along its blazing path.
  • Robe of Many Suns (Chest): Wave Strike deals more damage the farther you are from your target, up to a maximum of 40%.
  • Sunset Soul (Helm): Mystic Allies will Slow enemies they damage, reducing their Movement Speed by 35% for 2 seconds.
  • Windreaver's Wing (Main Hand): Mystic Allies now summons two spirit allies of wind that fire piercing air blades at enemies.


  • Craving-Bay (Main Hand): Grim Scythe now empowers you with Grim Calling, causing your Primary Attacks to unleash slashing scythes when they hit enemies.
  • Fulsome Feeding (Pants): Dark Curse now creates a miasma that follows you, damaging nearby enemies and continually generating corpses.
  • Lower Creed (Off Hand): Corpse Lance no longer targets enemies, and instead now summons more lances from each corpse that seek out random enemies.
  • Medic's Sheath (Helm): When Corpse Lance attacks an enemy, it has a 7% chance to generate a corpse.
  • None Elude (Chest): Enemies affected by your Dark Curse are weakened, increasing your Critical Hit Chance against them by 10%.
  • Plattespauld (Shoulders): Bone Armor increases Movement Speed by 30% while active.


  • Astral Feather (Main Hand): Arcane Wind now summons a Stormbird that follows you and charges at random enemies.
  • Crystalline Shadow (Shoulders): Disintegrate now summons an Arcane Deputy that follows you and channels a Disintegrate beam at enemies.
  • Dancing Lightning (Off-Hand): Ice Armor now bestows the Grace of Thunder upon you and your nearby summons, which will periodically strike random enemies with lightning.
  • Halted Breath (Chest): Ice Armor's duration is increased by 30%.
  • Fortified Entropy (Pants): Damage you take is reduced by 18% while Disintegrate is active.
  • Sunfire Crown (Helm): Scorch now summons two Scorching Serpents that follow you and charge at random enemies, causing them to Burn.

Class Balance

Barbarian Skills

  • Wrath of the Berserker: Base cooldown reduced from 30 to 25 seconds.
  • Whirlwind: Base damage increased by 20%.

Barbarian Items

  • Broken Soul: Cooldown reduced from 30 to 25 seconds.
  • Bitterwind, Eager Maelstrom, and North Wind: Damage increased by 20%.
  • The Last Wail: The delay before eruption reduced from 1 to .5 seconds. Eruption damage increased by 30%.
  • Pathraze: Damage increased by 30%.

Demon Hunter Skill

  • Strafe: Damage increased by 30%. Can now fire at up to 3 enemies at once.

Demon Hunter Items

  • Blacktalon: Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds. Damage increased by 140%.
  • Disarray: Damage increased by 30%. Can now fire at up to 2 enemies at once.
  • Sjikar: Damage increased by 48%.

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Feature Updates

Jump Skills

We have made improvements to prevent jump abilities from being able to exit the map. This includes abilities such as Demon Hunter’s Daring Swing and Barbarian’s Leap.

Developer’s Note: We wanted to improve the readability of where these abilities can be used while also blocking areas of the map that shouldn’t be reached. This includes updates to collision everywhere so that these abilities work correctly with all Skills currently in the game.

Defend/Raid the Vault

We’re updating the Defend/Raid the Vault event to address two areas of improvement: Immortals had to wait too long to participate in the event, and we wanted to encourage PvP elements that push the Shadows through the entirety of the Vault more enticing.

  • Shadows and Immortals will no longer forfeit rewards for losing a match. Instead, the defeated team will receive reduced rewards compared to the winning team.
  • Chests are locked when the Immortals enter the match. The Immortals must be defeated to loot the chests. Players no longer drop anything they’re carrying from previous floors.
  • Once Shadows enter Floor 4, the alarm will now sound after 10 seconds instead of immediately.
  • The cooldown to enter Raid the Vault has been reduced from 10 to 3 minutes.
  • Raid the Vault can now be played 10 times a day instead of 5.
  • The portal for Shadows to progress to the next floor will now be easier to trigger.

Additionally, adjustments to the queue and Party systems have been made.

  • A second confirmation prompt will now appear when players attempt to cancel the queue for Defend the Vault.
  • Party leaders can no longer remove players after the Shadows enter the vault.


Previously, using the Class Change feature would erase all Loadouts from your previous class. Now, the Armory will save all Class Loadouts played on your account.


We’ve made a variety of small adjustments to the visual menus associated with Familiars to better help players navigate and click/tap buttons.

One specific change is that common traits will display a 0 value at the base level, and count upwards for each stack. This is to help players differentiate Advanced Traits from Common Traits and alert players that Advanced Traits can be stacked.

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Bug Fixes

Looking for the latest round of hotfixes and bug fixes implemented for Diablo Immortal? Check here for all-platform fixes—updated on Tuesdays.

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