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A Statement on Cheating and Exploitation

A Statement on Cheating and Exploitation

To all adventurers,

We on the Diablo Immortal team take a very firm stance against cheating, gameplay automation, hacking, and other forms of exploitation. While the vast majority of our players do not engage in this behavior, we felt it was important to be clear that we will take decisive action to help keep our game fair for all players.

If we find an account engaged in any of the following, or any other prohibited activity described in the Blizzard End User License Agreement, we will apply either a temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

  • Using third-party programs and hardware to automate any facet of gameplay.
  • Purchasing items from unauthorized third-party vendors.
  • Making fraudulent transactions on the in-game or Battle.net Shop.
  • Exploiting bugs with the Market or in-game economy for unintended gains.
  • Scamming, account sharing, and win-trading.

For accounts detected using cheat programs, “botting,” or similar gameplay automation, the first offense is generally a permanent closure without warning. Each player is responsible for the security and the behavior of their own account.

We will also remove in-game currency, inventory, and any ranking/earnings linked to third-party sales or deliberate exploitation.

Our goal remains to protect our players’ time and efforts in Diablo Immortal, now and for years to come. Thank you for being part of our community and for your support.

The Diablo Immortal Team

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