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Diablo Immortal Known Issues, Hotfixes, and Patch Notes For PC Open Beta

Diablo Immortal Known Issues, Hotfixes, and Patch Notes For PC Open Beta

As the team has previously mentioned, Diablo Immortal is launching for PC in Open Beta. During the PC Open Beta period, we will continue to collect player feedback, make changes, and fine-tune this version of Immortal until we feel it delivers a finalized experience for all courageous adventurers. Below we have listed several known issues with the current PC Open Beta version of Immortal. We will continue to add any new issues that arise to this list.

As patches and hotfixes are applied to the PC Open Beta version of Diablo Immortal, we will update this list with the corresponding changes. Hotfixes are typically applied in a higher frequency, addressing smaller, related issues. They don’t require a large download to be applied to the game. Patches are larger client-side updates that require a download for players to obtain. New patches will require players to update before they can continue playing.

November 1, 2022—Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue that caused text to be cut off in certain languages.

October 18, 2022—Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue that would render the player unable to move after sending an emoji in chat.

September 27, 2022—Patch Notes


  • A new Lock Mouse toggle option has been added to the Settings Menu.

August 23, 2022—Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent interactions from working while using a controller.

August 16, 2022—Patch Notes

Mouse Cursor Improvements

  • Mouse cursor design has been simplified to increase visibility in visually complex scenarios.
  • Mouse Cursor size has been increased by 25%.
  • The Mouse Cursor will no longer alternate when hovering over enemies.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause credit card purchases to exit out of checkout process.

July 19, 2022—Patch Notes

In-Game Clock

  • A server time clock has been added to the bottom-left corner of the HUD.

Monster Difficulty Display

  • The monster difficulty warning has been shrunk to reduce accidental clicks.


  • Fixed an issue that caused certain skills with aiming reticles to time out and prevent players from using other abilities.

July 7, 2022—Patch Notes

Demon Hunter Primary Attack

  • Added a new option under “Controller” in the Settings Menu that allows players to have Demon Hunter primary attacks fire only when actively pressing the primary attack button.

Developer’s Note: This setting will not be turned on by default for existing Demon Hunters. However, this setting will be applied to all newly created Demon Hunters. This same change has been applied to the Barbarian’s Frenzy ultimate and the Wizard’s Electrocute ultimate.

Mouse Cursor Visual Improvements

  • Increased the mouse cursor’s appearance to be both larger and brighter, allowing it to be more visible.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Xbox controllers to have input delay.


  • Fixed an issue that caused characters to be stuck running in place after using auto-navigation.


  • Fixed an issue that caused skills to stop functioning occasionally when bound to the F key.

June 10, 2022—Hotfixes

  • An issue that caused the potion button to be unusable in some cases.
  • An issue that caused some characters to turn around while using abilities.

Below is a list of features in Diablo Immortal we plan to improve next. We want all adventurers to have a smooth experience while vanquishing the demons of Hell from Sanctuary and know improving these features shall contribute to that.

Upcoming Feature Improvements:

  • Updates to correct various movement and attack issues.
  • Additional movement and attack key binds, including Force Stand Still.
  • Cursor update to stand out against the game environment.
  • ESC key will properly close UI frames.
  • Chat functionality improvements.
  • In-game clock.
  • Xbox controllers will no longer have input delay.

PC Open Beta Known Issues


  • Pressing ESC may open the Main Menu over other menus.
  • Key binds do not currently support modifier keys such as ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT.


  • General movement, interactions, and abilities may be inaccurate at times.
  • Print Screen does not currently save screenshots into the directory folder.

User Interface

  • Chat is currently missing features such as /commands, copy/paste, and select all text.
  • Windowed mode does not currently support resizing.
  • PC settings have been inserted into their respective sections within the menu and may require a bit of exploration to find.


  • Voice-to-text transcription services may not be working for certain languages.

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