BlizzCon’s Diversity and Inclusion Space Returns

BlizzCon’s Diversity and Inclusion Space Returns

We’re excited to announce that our space set aside as a meet-up and place for dialogue around diversity and inclusion (D&I) is returning to BlizzCon. This year, we’re having more fun with it, introducing a new experience we’re calling the Inclusion Nexus that includes speakers and organized activities.

Our goal with the Diversity Meet-Up last year was to facilitate open discussions about inclusion in gaming. We want to do that again and shed light on Blizzard’s own D&I initiatives. One of the greatest strengths of our community is that we’re diverse and global. We value how our players and staff come from a wide array of backgrounds. We’re at our best when we embrace our inner geeks together while at the same time embracing everything else that makes each of us unique. When it comes to operating as a company with D&I in mind, we constantly look to our Core Values. Values such as “Every Voice Matters,” “Think Globally,” and “Lead Responsibly” have been a part of Blizzard for some time and are integral to our company culture.

It’s only natural that our diversity space at BlizzCon, our biggest celebration every year with our players, would evolve in 2018. Like the Diversity Meet-Up, the Inclusion Nexus is again an opportunity for our community to come together with Blizzard staff and share their experiences around topics related to inclusivity. Plus, we’re introducing new activities this year to spur the dialogue. We’ll have Blizzard staff speaking as well as guest speakers. There will be tables set up by key Blizzard D&I groups—the Women’s Advisory Council, the LGBTQ Council, and the Blizzard Veterans Group. We’ll have Blizzard game lore and D&I themed trivia. To capture your voices, we’re also introducing a D&I themed graffiti wall.

We’re constantly inspired by how you find ways to embrace diversity and show how welcoming we can be as a game community. We hope the Inclusion Nexus becomes another way to do that, as a fixture at BlizzCon for new kinds of heroes.

Stay tuned for the BlizzCon 2018 map reveal later this month to see where to find the Inclusion Nexus.

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