Let’s Get This BlizzCon Party Started!

Let’s Get This BlizzCon Party Started!

BlizzCon is THIS WEEK! We’re pretty hyped, and we hope you are, too! In case you missed our pre-show videos, catch a glimpse of these free videos on the BlizzCon Watch page:

Inside the Blizzard Vault part 1

Most Blizzard employees have never ventured into the company’s Vault. Take a peek inside with archivist Joanna Perez and President Mike Morhaime.


Music of Blizzard, Part 1: The Team

Making Blizzard’s music is a team effort! Join Jay Maguire, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, and the rest of the audio team as they talk about how Blizzard soundscapes are made.


Casual Cosplay – Female Necromancer

Join Overwatch FX Artist Rachel Day and WoW Character Artist Christopher Hayes as they create a casual Necromancer cosplay look.


Developer Q&A: Forging Your Path

Developers discuss their past endeavors and talk about how they got started at Blizzard.


The Artist’s Journey with Anh Dang

Artist Anh Dang talks about her path to Blizzard and how she found herself working on Overwatch as she draws a fan favorite.


The Artist’s Journey with Peter Lee

Artist Peter Lee discusses his love for StarCraft as he creates an incredible sketch with a whiteboard and dry erase marker.


BlizzCon 2016 Cosplay

Hundreds of cosplayers flock to BlizzCon every year with meticulously crafted gear. Check out a quick preview of what the cosplay community brings to Anaheim every year.


2017 Year in Review – World of Warcraft

Join WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas as he discusses what’s gone on in Azeroth over the past year.


Like what you see? Grab a Virtual Ticket in the Blizzard Shop to catch plenty more pre-show videos, including cosplay walkthroughs, details on what’s inside the Blizzard Vault, and more.

Learn about what’s included with this year’s Virtual Ticket, then head over to the Blizzard Shop to order yours.

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