New supported currencies are coming to

New supported currencies are coming to

As part of our effort to make more welcoming to more players, we routinely review which currencies we support and what new ones we should add. This can make submitting payments less difficult and may help reduce or eliminate fees you pay to your card issuer for foreign currency transactions.

The new currencies we’re rolling out include:

  • United Arab Emirates dirham (AED), Colombian peso (COP), Costa Rican colon (CRC), Indonesian rupiah (IDR), Israeli new shekel (ILS), Malaysian ringgit (MYR), Peruvian sol (PEN), Qatari riyal (QAR), Serbian dinar (RSD), Saudi riyal (SAR), Singapore dollar (SGD), Thai baht (THB), and Uruguayan peso (UYU)

We’ve put together a brief FAQ to provide you with more information on the coming changes.


What happens to my stored Balance?
On the date that we make the switch in your regions, stored Balance will convert over to the new local currency.

Is my World of Warcraft subscription going to be affected?
Active or paused World of Warcraft subscriptions[1] will not be affected and will continue to be billed in their current currency until canceled. Any subscriptions set up after the currency change will use the new transaction currency.

What rate is being used to convert USD/EUR to my local currency?
For all currencies other than Indonesia, we'll be using WMR FX Benchmarks (WMR Spot Rates) | LSEG provided via For Indonesia, we’ll use rates provided by is still using USD/EUR in my region. Are you going to switch to my local currency?
We’ll continually evaluate which new currencies to bring to, and we’ll update our players accordingly.

What if my account is registered in the wrong country and I want to switch to my local region and currency?
For help switching the region on your account, please go to:

I received an email about my currency being updated, but it’s not listed above.  Why is that?

We plan to release more currencies in the future, but do not have any details to share yet.


[1]Subscriptions for Argentinian players will be canceled and not automatically renewed to avoid enrolling players into subscriptions that may see a price increase in Argentina after this currency update.

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