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Intel Drop: Season 2 BlackCell, Battle Pass, and Bundles

Intel Drop: Season 2 BlackCell, Battle Pass, and Bundles

The Season 2 Battle Pass is Here!

Spectral forces arrive in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III and Call of Duty: Warzone™ as the Season 2 Battle Pass delivers a wide variety of content across all three games, with more Elite Operator Skins, ghostly Weapon Blueprints, vicious Finishing Moves, and more!

The Season 2 Battle Pass features over one hundred rewards, including two new base weapons. Purchase the full Battle Pass and earn 1,400 COD Points as you progress through the Sectors to access all the Season 2 Battle Pass content. Or why not purchase BlackCell for extra content, including reactive spectral Operator Skins, Battle Token Tier Skips, and additional rewards.

Here's all the intel on the incredible Battle Pass content you can earn, beginning with the BlackCell’s premium offering.

BlackCell Season 2


Welcome to the Season 2 Battle Pass! Bring the fight to the undead infestation with the Season 2 premium BlackCell offering, featuring items, rewards and more. Highlights to follow:


The Battle Pass: Obtain BlackCell for full access to the Season 2 Battle Pass along with 20 Battle Token Tier Skips. The full Battle Pass includes up to 1,400 COD Points within 100 Tiers of unlockable content from Battle Pass progress.

BlackCell Sector: Overview


Drop into the Battle Pass AO at an alternative starting location by accessing the exclusive BlackCell Sector. Unlock this Sector to immediately receive 1,100 COD Points, the new “John Doe” BlackCell Operator, and the following:


The animated “Molten BlackCell” SVA 545 Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint featuring dripping animations, and comes with Pyrite Tracers and “Gilded Ghoul” Death Effect.


The animated “Lament BlackCell” Sidewinder Battle Rifle Weapon Blueprint featuring dripping animations and comes with Pyrite Tracers and “Gilded Ghoul” Death Effect.. Also in the Sector is the “Knuckle Sandwich” Operator Finishing Move.

In addition, scattered throughout the Sectors of the Season 2 Battle Pass are BlackCell-only items. These include 11 reactive BlackCell Operator Skins and six alternate animated Weapon Blueprints with dripping animations.

BlackCell Operator Skins confirmed: John Doe, Rick Grimes, Kate Laswell, Soap, Alpine, Farah, Valeria, Price, Ghost (x2), Riptide, and Warden.

Players who upgrade to BlackCell after purchasing the Battle Pass will also receive 1,100 COD Points back.

Engage in Spectral Operations with BlackCell’s John Doe


Bound to an eternal cycle of war, some souls can never find peace. This stalking revenant brings an otherworldly menace to any match, clad in the tattered remains of black and gold armor, with a glowing purple hue, most predominant within this specter’s sunken eye sockets.

John Doe brings with him a task force of spectral soldiers, all featuring a reactive skin. Seek out enemy Operators to defeat, and your corporeal form changes:

After two kills, you take on a more zombified appearance.

After five kills, you take on a more skeletal state.

Purchase the Battle Pass: Instantly Unlock Rick Grimes & Kate Laswell

Whether you purchase the BlackCell offering or the standard Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points, the Instant Reward Sector becomes available, and includes two new Operators, as part of this Bonus Sector.

Rick Grimes (SpecGru, Battle Pass Instant Reward)


After being shot in the line of duty, Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes awoke from a coma to find the world irrevocably changed. Rick will not hesitate to act against any threat to his group, be it human or walker. He puts his people first, and though he is battle-hardened and at times overwhelmed by this harsh new reality, his dream of rebuilding civilization and paving the way for a better future never wavers.

BlackCell Owners: You also unlock the “Rick Grimes BlackCell” Operator Skin.

Kate Laswell (SpecGru, Battle Pass Instant Reward)


Kate Laswell began her career in communications where she was quickly recognized for her advanced strategic analysis and climbed the CIA ranks. Across her tenure, she has saved tens of thousands of lives with her detainee information, and now works closely with select special agents to respond to terrorist activity across the globe.

BlackCell Owners: You also unlock the “Kate Laswell BlackCell” Operator Skin.

The Instant Reward Sector also grants you a 10% Battle Pass boost, the “Clank” Weapon Blueprint for the MTZ-762 Battle Rifle, and the “Goose” Operator Finishing Move for Laswell, featuring a vicious takedown by Laswell’s pet dog.

Additional Battle Pass Skins

Complete the Battle Pass Sectors to unlock a variety of new tactical Operator Skins, all of which come paired with a skeletal, animated and reactive BlackCell alternate Skin:

“Hector” Skins (Operator Skin, Soap, Sector B3)


Battle Pass Skin: Gear up in lightly armored Mil-Sim garb featuring a masked helmet and tactical padding across the torso and legs.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Keep the mohawk, lose the skin as Soap becomes a glowing-eyed apparition, seeking vengeance.

“Keres” Skins (Operator Skin, Alpine, Sector B4)


Battle Pass Skin: Ignore any chemical imbalances in the atmosphere as you arrive in combat clad in a long coat, full gas mask, and dark camo.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Bring the dripping undeath look, the skeletal Keres appears in the remains of a light tactical outfit, and baseball cap.

“Skulker” Skins (Operator Skin, Farah, Sector B8)


Battle Pass Skin: An unnerving pair of eyes peer out from a ghillie balaclava, as Farah comes ready for combat in urban tactical gear.

BlackCell Additional Skin: A hooded skull with glowing purple eyes dominates Farah’s BlackCell variant, with peeling bones beneath the combat clothing.

“Rupture” Skins (Operator Skin, Valeria, Sector B11)


Battle Pass Skin: Designed for specific combat opportunities, Valeria comes masked in an all-white combat outfit with light marbling accents.

BlackCell Additional Skin: As gold drips down her combat vest, a skull-faced Valeria comes ready to turn foes into corpses.

“Veil” Skins (Operator Skin, Price, Sector B16)


Battle Pass Skin: Bravo-6 is docked out in impressive all-weather tactical gear, with a double hood and tactical poncho.

BlackCell Additional Skin: New look, same hat: The boonie sits atop of an impressively emaciated Captain Price.

“Venator” Skins (Operator Skin, Ghost, Sector B17)


Battle Pass Skin: Simon “Ghost” Riley becomes a venerated hunter with comms, obligatory face mask, and inclement weather fatigues with an orange accent.

BlackCell Additional Skin: The meat may have fallen off the bone, but Ghost commands just as much awe and respect. Note the gold mask.

“Scar” Skins (Operator Skin, Riptide, Sector B20)


Battle Pass Skin: A fully covered head mask with eye slits for facial features, Riptide favors the impromptu incognito look.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Clad in a partial “ghoulie” suit of black and dripping gold, this otherworldly shroud obscures a skull-faced visage.

Also expect two further Skins (each with a BlackCell variant) once you finish the Battle Pass and unlock the Completion Sector (see below).

New Functional Weapons

Unlock two new functional weapons in Sectors B6 and B7:

RAM-9 Submachine Gun (Sector B6, HVT, Free)


More maneuverable and agile than its assault rifle counterpart, this bullpup SMG chambered in 9mm is lethal at close range.

Offering among the best-in-class Recoil Control and Mobility, as well as the most Rounds and Reserve of any SMG, the RAM-9 may not win any pinpoint accuracy awards (especially a distance), but it can certainly mow down the opposition with high-damage, chamber-emptying assaults, especially as you close in for the kill.

BP50 Assault Rifle (Sector B7, Free)


A modular bullpup chambered in 5.56. Tear down the competition with a high rate of fire and exceptional accuracy for dominating at mid to long ranges.

For Operators needing optimal mobility from their weaponry, the BP50 is a spectacular contender. Offering exceptional maneuverability and a spectacular rate of fire compared to other rifles in its class, this Corvus-built armament can cut down the opposition in a variety of rapid and impressive ways.

New Weapon Blueprints, Vehicle Skin, Additional Content


The Season 2 Battle Pass features 20 Weapon Blueprints and a Vehicle Skin for the UTV. Also get access to an array of Calling Cards, Weapon Charms, Decals, Stickers, Emblems, Finishing Moves, COD Points, and Zombies Acquisitions (including Ammo Mods, Aether Tools, and Raw Aetherium Crystals).

Weapon Blueprints

Several of the Battle Pass Blueprints fit within a visual theme so that you can equip a variety of armaments with a similar style. Themes you’ll encounter in Season 2 include:

Wear and Tear


Sector B1: “Grume” DM56 Marksman Rifle*

Sector B8: “Shoot Your Shot” Lockwood 680 Shotgun

Sector B10: “Better Days” FR 5.56 Assault Rifle

Sector B16: “Make Shift” Striker 9 SMG

These Weapons Blueprints bear the marks of battle. Scratched up, taped together, smeared with blood, and not for the faint of heart.



Sector B13: “IBIS” HRM-9 SMG

Sector B14: “Old Faith” XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle*

Sector B15: “Crocus” BAS-BXXXsp Battle Rifle

Completion: “Hands On” TAQ Evolvere LMG

Featuring rusted, hand painted models alongside purple aetherium laced models, this series lends a touch of chaos to your future deployments.

NODE: Lime Green and Black


Sector B2: “Edge Node” Karambit Melee

Sector B3: “Marigold” Pulemyot LMG

Sector B11: “Crash Dummy” Assault Rifle

Sector B12: “Full Stop” TAQ Eradicator LMG*

Season 2 features two NODE-themed series of Weapon Blueprints, the first you’ll encounter being the lime green and black variant.

NODE: White and Black


Sector B11: “Pale Death” Bruen MK9 LMG

Sector B18: “Sabertooth” RAM-9 SMG*

Sector B19: “Anguish” BP50 Assault Rifle*

Opt for the white and black variety of NODE Weapon Blueprints.

[* Denotes a Weapon Blueprint with a BlackCell variant, detailed below]

New Vehicle Skin — Trust No One! (Sector B5)


Carve offroad paths and send enemies fleeing in terror with this white, black, and red UTV Vehicle Skin emblazoned with the word ‘Beware’ written in blood across its doors.

Weapons with Additional BlackCell Blueprints

This season’s signature BlackCell aesthetic is dripping with style across six Weapon Blueprints found within the Season 2 Battle Pass. The following Blueprints feature both a regular and BlackCell variant within the same tier. Both versions feature the same attachments, so pick your preferred style and start slaying.

Grume — DM56 Marksman Rifle (Sector B1, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Pyrite Tracers and “Gilded Ghoul” Death Effect.


Equip a battle worn version of this Marksman Rifle geared for improved accuracy and recoil control with an integrated Optic for rapid target acquisition. The BlackCell variant oozes confidence with a black and gold dripping animation.

Triggerfinger — Basilisk Handgun (Sector B9, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Pyrite Tracers and “Gilded Ghoul” Death Effect.


Wield immense stopping power with this Handgun Weapon Blueprint that enhances the revolver with improved mobility and aiming speed, keeping you light on your feet while wielding the five-shooter. Equip its dripping BlackCell variant for a wilder look.

Full Stop — TAQ Eradicator LMG (Sector B12, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Pyrite Tracers and “Gilded Ghoul” Death Effect.


Conduct stealth operations with this lime green and black Weapon Blueprint featuring a suppressor to keep you off the radar while firing along with enhanced damage and recoil control for added stability. Trade its sleek look for something more sinister using the BlackCell variant.

Old Faith — XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle (Sector B14, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Pyrite Tracers and “Gilded Ghoul” Death Effect.


A Weapon Blueprint fit for the meanest Operators. Rugged and featuring a spray-painted skull design, the weapon’s fit for distant engagements with range-enhancing attachments plus a suppressor to keep off the radar and a bipod mount for heightened accuracy when mounted or prone. For a more out-of-this world design, swap in the BlackCell variant.

Sabertooth — RAM-9 SMG (Sector B18, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Pyrite Tracers and “Gilded Ghoul” Death Effect.


Engage in fierce fighting with this smooth white Weapon Blueprint offering improved recoil control and handling to help stay on target during critical engagements, plus a sprint to fire speed boost for quick transitions between running and skirmishing. Equip the BlackCell variant to show that you mean business.

Anguish — BP50 Assault Rifle (Sector B19, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Pyrite Tracers and “Gilded Ghoul” Death Effect.


Based on the new Season 2 Assault Rifle, this otherwise sleek Weapon Blueprint has been tagged up and bloodied. Keep the enemy at bay with a hefty 45 round Magazine complimented by a recoil control-enhancing attachments and a 2.5x magnification Optic for mid-ranged precision. Swim in a sea of black gold with its BlackCell variant.

Complete the Battle Pass for Completion Sector Tier 100 Rewards

Complete 100% of the map by conquering all Sectors to access the final Completion Sector, featuring 300 COD Points to spend toward your next Battle Pass or Store Bundle purchase, the "Leave the Dead” Finishing Move, the “Hands On” Weapon Blueprint, and the following Operator Skins:

“Sovyna” Skins for Warden


Warden dons an alien face mask paired with tactical gear and a hood for all-weather combat. Her sleeves are rolled up, tattoos on displayed, and she’s ready to engage any threat in her way.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Warden trades her sleeves for skeletal arms, a golden skull face mask with shining purple eyes, and the season’s signature black and gold drip adding the final sinister element.

“Shade” Skins for Ghost


Ghost leans into his ethereal qualities in this Operator Skin awarded for completing the Season 2 Battle Pass. A spectral power flows from his eyes and forearms, his mask radiant in the afterglow.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Ghost trades his white skull mask for a golden one, accentuated with golden flames over the eyes and vapor rising from his arms.

Store Highlights: AMC’s The Walking Dead, Year of the Dragon, and More

Prepare for some wild new Store Bundles in Season 2, ranging from the terrifying Resonance Operator Skin to a Zombies-themed Bundle and the perfect Bundle for the trash talker in all of us. Look out for new Mastercraft Weapons and Ultra Operator Skins, featured in our Season 2 highlights below:

Tracer Pack: Resonance Ultra Skin


Enter battle from another plane and as a warrior without equal using the “Titan” Operator Skin for Bantam, featuring animated alien designs over tough upper body armor and a helmet of alien design. Equip two Weapon Blueprints with Netherblaze Tracers and the Netherburst Death Effect: the “Primordium” SMG, crafted with an animated alloy and geared for mid-ranged precision; and the “Quasar” LMG, outfitted with a bipod mount and muzzle flash concealment for precise, low-profile engagements.

Resonate with the alien designs featured in the “Ancient Alloy” Large Decal, the “Dark Matter” Weapon Sticker, and the “Anomaly” Weapon Charm. This Bundle also includes a 1 Hour Battle Pass XP Token.

Tracer Pack: Echo Endo: Evergreen Rhino New Weapon


Don bright green armor in the “Kabuto” Operator Skin for Pathfinder. resembling a futuristic carapace with horns, hanging wires, and an animated visor. Equip the green and gray “Midori” Weapon Blueprint for the new Season 2 BP 50 Assault Rifle bolstered by a 45 round Magazine and an extended damage range; delete enemies using the weapon’s Kawaii Cruelty Tracers and the VwV 2.0 Tracer Death Effect.

Go loud with the “Crocodile” LMG packing a punch with X. Liven up your weapons with the “Midori” Large Decal, the “Sweet Rampage” Weapon Sticker, and the “Evergreen” Weapon Charm. Dazzle your enemies with the “Green Genjitsu” Animated Emblem and the “Mesmerizing Midori” Animated Calling Card.

Aberration Ultra Skin


Frighten and infect the enemy with the monstrous “Truffle” Operator Skin for Byline, featuring a skull mask, transparent and animated arms, and a fungal parasite releasing its poisonous fumes.

Suppress enemies with the “Agaric” LMG Weapon Blueprint designed with enhanced recoil control and the extended range “Mycelium” Handgun Weapon Blueprint featuring the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit Aftermarket Part. Spread the spores with the “Corpse Bloom” Large Decal, the “Shimmering Heart” Weapon Sticker, and the “Metamorphosis” Weapon Charm, and enjoy a bonus 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token.

Tracer Pack: Vivarium Ultra Skin


Obtain symbiosis with the “Incubator” Operator Skin for Jet featuring incubated life attached to the Operator’s yellow tactical armor with purple feeding tubes running up and down the suit. Equip two Weapon Blueprints Blooming Tracers and the Mulcher Death Effect, along with a white and translucent purple design showing plant life thriving within the weapons. The “Dahlia” LMG is kitted out for snappy, controlled fire with attachments boosting its aim down sights speed and recoil control. Equip the “Wardian” SMG for a mean weapon using a 100 round drum paired with the JAK Ettin Double Barrel Kit for twice the firepower.

Show off your penchant for plant life with the “Venus Man-Trap” Large Decal, the “Resilience” Weapon Sticker, and the “Grow Light” Weapon Charm. Churn through some Battle Pass Tiers with a 1 Hour Double Battle Pass XP Token.

Tracer Pack: The Walking Dead Michonne Operator Bundle


Michonne is a warrior and a survivor. Deploy as the skilled fighter from AMC’s The Walking Dead with the “Michonne” Operator Skin. Enemies beware, as this Bundle features three Weapon Blueprints with a banged up, bloodied look to them. Equip the “Lone Survivor” Assault Rifle for its brisk strafing speed or deploy with the “Walker Waster” Sniper Rifle which has been reconfigured for close engagements using a shortened tactical barrel and a folding stock for improved movement speed. Both Blueprints feature Death and Decay Tracers and the Michonne’s Specialty Death Effect.

Get up close and personal with the “Killer Kodachis,” sharp enough to sever flesh and life and featuring the Michonne’s Specialty Death Effect; show off your swordplay with the “Dead Cuts” Finishing Move. Brandish hope with the “Believe a Little Longer” Weapon Sticker and “The Ones Who Live” Large Decal, and keep a walker on hand with the “Mike” Weapon Charm.

Tracer Pack: Full Kit: Dragon: Lunar New Year


Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with this massive Bundle headlined by the “Emperor” Operator Skin for Jabber featuring ornate dragon-themed pauldrons and helmet. Rain fire on your enemies with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Year of the Dragon Tracers: the jade and gold “Dragon Fire” Shotgun equipped with an underbarrel flamethrower and the dragon emblazoned “Heavenly Rifle” SMG designed for stealth play.

Make your presence known with the “Dragon Wall” Deployable Cover, “Fire Breather” Wheelson-HS, “Burning Dragon” Thermite, and “Thunder Dragon” Equipment Skins. Equip a variety of dragon-themed cosmetic items like the “Dragon Dance” Calling Card, “Year of the Dragon” Weapon Charm, “New Year Dragon” Large Decal, “Dragon Fire” Weapon Sticker, “Sign of the Dragon” Emblem, and “Courage of the Dragon” Loading Screen.

Demon Glo New Weapon


Party while you fight with the “Coup” Operator Skin for Enigma featuring animated glowing graffiti over all-black tactical gear. Deploy with style using two animated graffiti Weapon Blueprints: the accurate, damage range-extended “Rebellion” SMG and the silenced “In the Dark” SMG. Extend your artistic streak with the “Twin Specters” Large Decal, “Blow in the Dark” Weapon Charm, “Blacklight” Animated Calling Card, “Neon Flash” Animated Emblem, and “Firelight Phantasm” Sticker.

Players who purchase the Demon Glo Bundle will also gain an extra Strike Team Operator Slot in Zombies along with two Rare Aether Tools.

Zombies: Aether Worm


Terrify even the undead with the “Vanquisher” Operator Skin for Scorch, featuring armor forged from a Death Worm’s with glowing purple accents over a thorny carapace and long, sharp teeth. Take on foes with the aetherium etched “Etched Obsidian” LMG Weapon Blueprint featuring enhanced recoil control and damage range and the “Seared Obsidian” Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint equipped with a silencer for stealth plays from way out. Pay homage to the Death Worm with the ”Olgoi-Khorkhoi” Large Decal and the “’Bite’ Sized” Weapon Charm.

Players who purchase the Zombies: Aether Worm Bundle will also gain an extra Strike Team Operator Slot in Zombies — perfect for deploying as the “Vanquisher” right away — as well as a Refined Aetherium Crystal which can be consumed to Pack-A-Punch your weapon to Level II.

Nova 6 Pro Pack


The Nova 6 Pro Pack offers an insane value including 2400 COD Points along with the other Bundle items. Prepare for even the most toxic environments with the black and yellow “Airlock” Operator Skin for Raptor. Equip the “Ablution” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint designed with improved hip fire and Tac-Stance capabilities; opt for the “Quarantine” LMG Weapon Blueprint for its improved aim down sights and movement speed.

Enhance your menacing appeal with the “Operation Azure” Calling Card, the “Biohazard” Weapon Sticker, the “Toxic Shock” Weapon Charm, and the “Hazard” Emblem, all featuring the Operator’s iconic look.

Tracer Pack: Trash Talk Mastercraft


For those who relish the trash talk as much as the match wins. Deploy with the “Good Game” Operator Skin for BBQ, featuring ski goggles, bleach blonde hair, a thick beard, and a bad attitude.

Head into battle with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Trash Talk Tracers and the Bodied Dismemberment Death Effect: The “Orator” Assault Rifle features an animated screen on the stock and a five-attachment spread favoring handling and firing stability. The “Protoype” LMG Weapon Blueprint offers steady suppressive fire with good recoil control, gun kick control, and enhanced bullet velocity.

Laugh in the enemy’s face with the “Haters Gonna Hate” Animated Calling Card, lose it with the “Bad Manners” Large Decal, plus get the “Get Good” Weapon Charm and the “Why You Heff To Be So Mad?” Animated Emblem.

Check the in-game Store for more Bundles arriving throughout the season and for the mid-season update.

Dune Returns

In anticipation of the March 1, 2024 release of Dune: Part Two in theaters, Season 2 will see the return of the Dune Part Two: Sardaukar Pack and the Tracer Pack: Feyd-Rautha Operator Bundle.

Play the Season 2 Free Trial


From February 8 through 12, invite your friends and family to play Modern Warfare III for free during the free access trial. Play the new Season 2 map Stash House along with eight other Multiplayer maps across Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Team Gun Game. Plus, squad up and fight back the horde with full access to Modern Warfare Zombies.

Purchase Modern Warfare III

Modern Warfare III celebrates the 20th anniversary of Call of Duty with one of the greatest collections of Multiplayer maps ever assembled, including modernized versions of all 16 launch maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), plus the introduction of an all-new open-world Zombies and a Campaign that finds Task Force 141 facing off against the ultimate threat in Vladimir Makarov.

Stay frosty.

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