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Modern Warfare III Content Drop: Season 1 Reloaded

Modern Warfare III Content Drop: Season 1 Reloaded

Season 1 Reloaded Arrives in Modern Warfare III

The battle expands as Season 1 Reloaded arrives for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III and Call of Duty®: Warzone™. The mid-season update brings an all-new 6v6 Multiplayer map and game modes, plus the introduction of Multiplayer Ranked Play. Take on the Champion’s Quest and a new Gulag Public Event in Call of Duty: Warzone and battle a new Warlord in Zombies.

Alongside two new weapons, The Boys limited time Multiplayer mode and Event Challenge, there’s plenty to look forward to when Season 1 Reloaded launches on January 17 at 9AM PT across all platforms.

Expect Patch Notes from Sledgehammer Games to be available prior to the release of Season 1 Reloaded.

Here’s what’s coming:



  • New 6v6 Multiplayer Map. Deploy to Rio, a new Core map that challenges Operators to a street fight in an upscale shopping center.
  • Introducing Team Gunfight, Infected, Headquarters. Compete across three new Multiplayer modes.
  • The Boys LTM and Challenge Event. Experience a Supe’d Up version of Kill Confirmed featuring power boosts and earn in-game rewards for completing tasks in The Boys: Supe Siege Event Challenge.
  • Multiplayer Ranked Play. Fight like the pros and rise through the Ranks and Skill Divisions in 4v4 competitive play featuring the same ruleset used by the Call of Duty League.

New 6v6 Map: Rio

Rio (6v6)


Deploy to an upscale shopping center in Rio de Janeiro in a new medium-sized 6v6 Multiplayer map featuring a central indoor mall surrounded by Main Street, a tram station, a market, a plaza and café, and residential spaces. Use the covered walkway to get above your enemies or take cover near an armored vehicle when fighting on street level. The mall itself rises toward the middle, so watch for enemies playing king of the hill on approach.

New Modes: Team Gunfight, Headquarters, Infected


Team Gunfight: Experience Gunfight on a larger scale. In this version, players compete in 6v6 across standard Multiplayer maps. As with traditional Gunfight, all players will receive the same randomized Loadout at the start of each round. This Loadout changes throughout the match. Adapt to what you’re given and wipe out the competition.


Headquarters: Secure the Headquarters objective and hold the position as long as possible to accrue points. Dig in tight, as respawns are disabled for the defending team. The objective rotates around the map throughout the match, so be ready to change your position on the fly.


Infected: Begin the match with one player randomly assigned as the starting infected. The infected player’s goal is to eliminate and transform all the other players into infected Operators who then join their side, while the remaining survivors must use their best skills and strategies to keep the infected at bay.

The Boys LTM and Event Challenge


Compete in a new Supe’d Up version of Kill Confirmed inspired by the hit TV series The Boys. In this twist on the classic mode, fallen Operators drop doses of Temp V, giving temporary power boosts like Heat Vision to those who swoop in to collect them.

The Boys: Supe Siege

Prove that you belong with the Supes by completing six challenges in The Boys: Supe Siege Event Challenge. The challenges are as follows:

  • Get one Operator Heat Vision elimination in The Boys mode (Reward: Calling Card).
  • Deactivate 20 pieces of Equipment using DDoS (Reward: Emblem).
  • Get four Operator eliminations using the MTZ-762 (Reward: Battle Pass Tier Skip).
  • Get two Operator eliminations in a single life with the Overkill Vest equipped, five times (Reward: Large Decal).
  • Get 15 Operator Akimbo eliminations (Reward: Weapon Charm).
  • Get seven Operator eliminations using Lethal Equipment (Reward: Double XP Token).

Mastery Reward: Complete all six challenges to earn “The Boys Special” LMG Weapon Blueprint featuring four attachments, equipped with a whopping 150-round drum and incendiary ammunition for aggressive suppressive fire.

Clutch Up! Multiplayer Ranked Play Is Here


Season 1 Reloaded introduces Multiplayer Ranked Play to Modern Warfare III. Play like the pros in competitive 4v4 matches using the same settings, maps, and modes as the Call of Duty League (CDL).

Ranked Play becomes available after players reach at least Level 55. All unrestricted gameplay items are unlocked for use in Ranked Play, regardless of how much you’ve previously unlocked. Some weapons, Killstreaks, Equipment, and gameplay content are restricted in Ranked Play to match CDL competitive rules. And watch your aim! Friendly Fire is enabled in all Ranked Play matches.

Rank: You will begin at Rank 1. Your rank represents your Ranked Career. Win matches to earn stars and rank up. Rank is permanent and persists across seasons.

Skill Division: You will start your first Season in Bronze I. Advance through 8 Skill Divisions and Tiers by earning SR (Skill Rating). SR is awarded when you win based on personal and team performance. In subsequent seasons, you will be dropped back three Tiers. The highest Skill Division you can start a new season in is Diamond I.

Note that SR penalties will result from being inactive, disconnecting from matches, and engaging in repeated friendly fire.

Hot Streak: Win three matches in a row to earn a flaming rank. Continue winning to progress the Hot Streak flames. The flames expire if you lose or after 72 hours.

Ranked Play Maps and Modes


CDL Search & Destroy: No respawning; 1.5-minute round timer; Friendly Fire enabled. Supported maps include Highrise, Invasion, Karachi, Skidrow, and Terminal.

CDL Hardpoint: 5-minute time limit; 250 score limit; 60-second objective rotation; Friendly Fire enabled. Supported maps include Invasion, Karachi, Skidrow, Sub Base, and Terminal.

CDL Control: 30 lives per team; 1.5-minute time limit; 3-round win limit; Friendly Fire enabled. Supported maps include Highrise, Invasion, and Karachi.

Season 1 Ranked Play Rewards

  • Win five Ranked Play matches to earn the “MWIII Season 1 Competitor” Weapon Sticker.
  • Win 10 Ranked Play matches to earn the “Pro Issue Gutter Knife” Weapon Blueprint.
  • Win 20 Ranked Play matches to earn the “Script Writer” Weapon Charm.
  • Win 30 Ranked Play matches to earn the “Built Different” Large Decal.
  • Win 40 Ranked Play matches to earn the “MWIII Ranked Play Season 1” Loading Screen.
  • Win 50 Ranked Play matches to earn the “MWIII Season 1 Ranked Veteran” Weapon Camo.

Season 1 Skill Division Rewards

While the above rewards are earned in-season after winning a certain number of matches, the Skill Division rewards are handed out at the end of the season based on your best Skill Division obtained during that time.

Bronze & Silver: Players who reach the Bronze or Silver Skill Division will be awarded with an accompanying “Season 1” Emblem.

Gold through Crimson: Players who reach Gold through Crimson will also receive new Ranked Play–themed Operator Skins and Weapon Charms in addition to the Skill Division Animated Emblem reward.

Iridescent: Reach the Iridescent Skill Division to earn the “MWIII Season 1 Iridescent” animated Calling Card in addition to the Skill Division’s Operator Skins, Animated Emblem, and Weapon Charm rewards.

Top 250: The best of the best will earn the Top 250 Operator Skins, a Weapon Charm, a unique animated Emblem and Calling Card for those who finish between #2 and 250, and a unique one-of-a-kind animated Emblem and Calling Card for the #1 ranked player of the season.


  • Take on a New Warlord. A new Warlord enters the Exclusion Zone in the form of South Korean–born Dokkaebi. Defeat her if you can to earn high-tier loot.

New Warlord: Dokkaebi


Prepare for a new challenge in the form of South Korean–born Dokkaebi. A key lieutenant within Terminus Outcomes, Dokkaebi boasts a deep understanding of electronic warfare with access to a fleet of self-programmed autonomous drones ready to attack Operator Deadbolt Operatives on sight.

Operators will find Dokkaebi’s fortress at the top of the skyscraper in Zaravan City. A technological savant, the Warlord uses drones, turrets, and a Wheelson as her main line of defense. Squads skilled enough to get past her initial defenses will find an elusive opponent equally capable of evasion and attack.


  • Attempt the Champion’s Quest. The Champion’s Quest returns with a brand-new quest for Urzikstan. Complete the multi-part challenge to instigate a devastating end game.
  • Gulag Night Vision Public Event: Battle in the dark using night-vision goggles in this Public Event that cuts the lights in the Gulag.
  • Grab the Weapon Case. A new Weapon Case objective is available for the first time in Battle Royale! Players can now battle over a single Weapon Case hidden in a search area at the start of every match to spice up the early game.
  • A New Way to Escape: Players can now exfil the match early with the help of a Covert Exfil, offering a new win condition for those able to pay the price for the ride out – if you can secure it!

Take on the Champion’s Quest in Urzikstan


The infamous Champion’s Quest makes its debut in Urzikstan, challenging players with a new high-level task that will test all your squad’s collective skills in an attempt to witness an explosive finale. The first step? Win 30 games total within a season OR five consecutive matches. Complete that and the next steps will fall into place. Only the most elite squads need apply.

New NVG Gulag Public Event


In this new Gulag Public Event, the lights in the Gulag will go out, setting up an epic night-vision battle that will put your fighting abilities to the test. Secure the win to return to the match and leave your opponent in the dark.

Gear Up with the Weapon Case


A single Weapon Case spawns in a small search area at the start of every match. Once found, the player holding the Weapon Case is marked for all enemies in the match. If a player holding the case manages to stay alive at the end of the match OR their squad exits the match using a helicopter called in by purchasing a Covert Exfil, they and their teammates earn exclusive rewards.

Secondary Win Condition: Covert Exfil


Speaking of Covert Exfil, players can now exfil the match early with the help of a Covert Exfil. With only five exfils available to purchase per match — for a high price — in Buy Stations before the Gulag closes, a Covert Exfil calls in a helicopter that can fly any player out of the match, ideally with the Weapon Case in their possession. Players can also compete to earn the most successful Covert Exfils with the new Covert Exfil leaderboard stat.


  • Two New Weapons. A new SMG and LMG arrive so you can bring the pain whether you’re up close or offering suppressive fire from afar.
  • New Store Offerings. Deploy as A-Train and Firecracker from The Boys.

Two New Weapons



A light yet stable 9mm submachine gun for close quarters combat and putting down enemies quickly.

Sporting a high fire rate and excellent handling and mobility, the HMR-9 is the perfect fit for aggressive run-and-gun playstyles. Aim down sights for precise fire or enter Tac-Stance and run circles around your enemies. Use Gunsmith to enhance the weapon’s midrange capabilities, improve its close-quarters performance, or a combination of the two.

How to unlock the Base Weapon: Complete an Armory Unlock challenge.

TAQ Evolvere (LMG)


An advanced, multi-caliber LMG capable of firing 7.62 or 5.56 with minimal adjustments to the weapon. Versatile and exceptionally lethal in the right hands.

This all-new Light Machine Gun can take down both infantry and artillery, whichever chooses to cross its path. A wide variety of Attachments are available via the Gunsmith, allowing you to tailor the TAQ Evolvere to any playstyle.

How to unlock the Base Weapon: Complete a Weekly Challenge.

New Store Offerings: A-Train and Firecracker

In support of The Boys Event Challenge, Season 1 Reloaded introduces A-Train and Firecracker in new Store Bundles, adding some Supe’d up flavor to all your future battle operations.

Tracer Pack: The Boys — A-Train Operator Bundle


Deploy as the fastest man in the world with the “A-Train” Operator Skin from The Boys. Come to the fight prepared with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Tracers, the “Turbocharged” Assault Rifle, and the “Fast AF” SMG.

Show off as part of The Seven with the “Here Comes the A-Train” Animated Calling Card, the “A-Train” Weapon Sticker, the “Turbo Rush Energy Drink” Weapon Charm, the “World’s Fastest Man” Animated Emblem, the “The Boys A-Train” Loading Screen, and the “Fastest Man in the World” Finishing Move.

Tracer Pack: The Boys — Firecracker Operator Bundle


Join the battle as the new Supe in town with the “Firecracker” Operator Skin. This Bundle features two Weapon Blueprints featuring Tracers, the “Smoking Gun” Assault Rifle, and the “Fellow Patriot” LMG.

Prove your worth against the more established supes by displaying the “Firecracker” Weapon Sticker, the “Second Protects” Weapon Charm, the “Eagle Eyed” Animated Emblem, and the “Freedom of Speech” Finishing Move.


  • CDL Announcement. Prepare to watch the pros duke it out at the Boston Breach Major 1 Tournament. Support your favorite teams by purchasing in-game Team Packs!

CDL Announcement

Stay up to date with the Call of Duty League!


Join us for the first tournament of the 2024 Call of Duty League season, the Boston Breach Major I Tournament, taking place January 25–28. Tune in to or attend the event live at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway in Boston. Purchase your tickets here!

2024 Team Packs


Rep your favorite Call of Duty League teams with the new 2024 Team Packs, available now! Each CDL Team Pack comes equipped with new male and female Operator Skins in home and away variants, plus a team-themed Weapon Camo, Charm, Vinyl Sticker, Animated Calling Card, and Sticker.

Play Modern Warfare III


Modern Warfare III arrives with one of the greatest collections of Multiplayer maps ever assembled, including modernized versions of all 16 launch maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), plus the introduction of an all-new open-world Zombies and a Campaign that finds Task Force 141 facing off against the ultimate threat — Vladimir Makarov.

Upgrade to the Vault Edition to unlock the Soap Operator Pack, the Nemesis Operator Pack, two Weapon Vaults, plus one season’s worth of BlackCell, a Battle Pass, the BlackCell starting Sector (including an 1,100 CP bonus), extra Battle Token Tier Skips, and more.

Stay frosty.

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