Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Multiplayer Maps and Modes: What You Need to Know

Multiplayer Maps and Modes: What You Need to Know

Expect the following launch modes scheduled for rotation in the available Playlists, with more Standard and Alternate Modes being added in the following weeks.

3v3v3 Mode

Cutthroat: Three teams go head to head . . . to head. First team to reach the round win limit wins.

6v6 Modes

Team Deathmatch: An exercise in attrition. Eliminate enemy players until the score limit is reached to win.

Domination: Capture, hold and defend objectives to earn points. First team to the score limit wins.

Search & Destroy: Teams alternate between detonating and defusing a bomb. No respawns.

Kill Confirmed: Recover dog tags to score for your team and deny enemy scores.

Free-For-All: Defeat everyone. The first player to reach the score limit ends the game. The top three players win.

Hardpoint: Capture the Hardpoint and hold it against attack. The first team to reach the score limit wins.

Control: Take turns attacking and defending the objective.

War: Progress through linear objectives to push the battle line and win.

Gun Game: Be the first player to score a kill with each one of the provided weapons.

32v32 Modes

Ground War: Large-scale conflict featuring vehicles. Capture and hold objectives to score. Captured objectives open forward spawning locations for your team.

Invasion: A massive and chaotic battle with a mix of Players and AI fighting alongside each other and against each team.

Additional Mode Intel

Hardcore: Features a limited HUD, low health, friendly fire enabled, and other changes to gameplay; this is also scheduled for launch.

The Firing Range: This returns with the familiar three-dummy corridor to practice in. Bring in any Loadout, swapping weapons, modifications, and your Perks (Vest, Gloves, Boots and Gear) while you practice. The usual shelving and bars allow you to mount and fire at different heights.

Private Matches (Training and Benchmark): As ever, Private Matches are a great way to look through (and tweak) all the game settings for every type of mode, and they allow you to explore the available maps. In addition, expect a Training Course where you can learn basic movements and combat skills as you navigate one of the launch Core 6v6 maps as a solo player.

Play: Launch Maps (Multiplayer)

An impressive number of modernized Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps are part of the initial map pool, along with three Ground War maps (based on points of interest within the Urzikstan Big Map) and a linear section of the massive Urzikstan itself (War mode).

Afghan (Core): Battle in the arid desert canyons around a crash site, encircled by bunkers and cliffside anti-air batteries poised to take down incoming aircraft. The uneven terrain presents risk and opportunity, from the high cliff face above to the dark cave below.

Derail (Core): Snow blankets the forest surrounding a railway town and its facilities. At the center, a trainwreck has scattered railcars over the landscape. Take the lead on this large map and leave your enemies out cold in the woods.

Estate (Core): Head to a secluded getaway in the Caucasus Mountains, where a pristine lodge overlooks an expansive woodland property. Fight from the main living quarters or utilize the various outbuildings and fields to engage enemies from the perimeter.

Favela (Core): Drop into the slums of Rio de Janeiro as bystanders scramble to escape the scene of the oncoming skirmish. Brave the tightly clustered center, fire down on enemies from the rooftops, or stick to the perimeter and eliminate enemies from afar.

Highrise (Core): Whatever you do, don’t look down. This midsized map consists of two opposite facing buildings over a central rooftop worksite. Tunnels wind below the surface and an imposing Helipad offers access to some of the map’s best vantage points alongside other perilous crossings for the brave and foolhardy.

Invasion (Core): Deploy to a battle-torn, medium-sized Multiplayer map featuring tightknit buildings, close street fighting, and long-distance vantage points. In this urban layout, Operators must act fast and smart, turning the map’s risks into advantages.

Karachi (Core): Keep your eyes sharp and your head on a swivel; this map challenges Operators with a compact urban setting packed with climbing opportunities and routes for every playstyle. A keen understanding of the layout will help you prepare for your next drop into this medium-sized Multiplayer map.

Quarry (Core): This open-pit mine in a wide-open map features plenty of long-distance fights down the center Crane and side lanes. Quarry is punctuated by close-range battles in the offices and warehouses. Climbing opportunities abound. Or bring the fight indoors where multilevel buildings provide room to move and windows that overlook huge swaths of the map. 

Rundown (Core): Infiltrate a South American village where a low-running river divides the main settlement from its more sparsely populated Outback. Group your forces when attempting to make a crossing and watch those corners when weaving through the cluster of buildings.

Rust (Core): Located in the oil fields of the Urzikstan desert, Rust is a small, square map dominated by its central tower. Fight for your spot up top or use the map’s various obstacles to stay out of sight while you skirmish on the ground. 

Scrapyard (Core): Battle in an aircraft boneyard surrounded by buildings overlooking the wreckage within. Flank enemies by racing through the fuselages and watch your head when sniper battles erupt between the two main warehouses.

Skidrow (Core): Deploy to a midsized urban landscape dominated by the central block. Smaller buildings around the perimeter provide further vantage points, and the streets throughout give savvy Operators the means to flank and outmaneuver their enemies.

Sub Base (Core): Submarines dock for maintenance and refueling at a naval base on the high seas. Deploy dockside and battle for control over the locale — a midsized map packed with vantage points, flanking routes, and a deadly center ground where only the most stalwart Operators dare pass.

Terminal (Core): Infiltrate an International Airport and battle across one of the most infamous locales of all. Try your luck inside the terminal or take the fight to the Apron. All playstyles have their place on this midsized, classic Multiplayer map, so gear up how you want and get ready for departure.

Underpass (Core): Pouring rain has transformed this run-down South American industrial sector into a mud bath, but that won’t stop Operator skirmishes. Tromp through the mud, stage an ambush, or test your luck on the rain-slicked rooftops. In this large environment, your climbing and ambush options are nearly endless.

Wasteland (Core): Battle across an abandoned Wasteland, where wide-open fields encourage sniper battles all around. If extreme close range is more your speed, try your luck in the Dugout, a tight underground crossroads where all trenches meet in the middle.

Levin Resort (Ground War): Tourists and business travelers alike used to flock to the Levin Resort, enjoying the poolside seating and abundant shopping and services within. It’s now a vacant site, the nearby statues of General Barkov defaced following his downfall. Tread carefully through the resort courtyard, where vantage points from multiple angles present danger to those below.

Orlov Military Base (Ground War): Missile silos lie at the heart of the Orlov Military Base alongside bunkers and facilities built into the mountainous terrain that dominates the northern portion of the map. Scattered barricades throughout provide squads with a means of defense when pushing into the area.

Popov Power (Ground War): The workhorse of Urzikstan, Popov Power supplies energy to the growing region. Fight around the plant’s cooling towers and containment structures and utilize the full run of its industrial buildings to flank and ambush enemy squads.

Operation: Spearhead (War Mode): At launch, the first location within Operation Spearhead is the large-scale Urzikstan map, inside a linear corridor within the Orlov Military Base and Kadurin Silo. Clear anti-aircraft defenses so armored vehicles can be airdropped, staying close to the armor to break through to the launch site and set up missile overrides in this thrilling 6v6 battle!

Modern Warfare II: Carry Forward Maps

To further augment an already-impressive selection of Core 6v6 maps, we are excited to announce that a number of fan-favorite Modern Warfare II maps will gradually become available to play in Modern Warfare III throughout the live seasons. The initial selection — scheduled to be four Core 6v6 maps that include Farm 18, Mercado, and Shoot House — will become available shortly after launch in a dedicated Playlist, and more will follow throughout the Live Seasons. Here's some beneficial intel about these additions:

These maps are graphically identical to how they appeared in MWII, and due to the innovations to movement and general gameplay mechanics present in MWIII, you may find that they play in an altogether different manner.

These maps are completely additive, meaning they are scheduled to appear in addition to a full complement of new (and remastered) seasonal maps and other content.

New MWIII modes (such as Cutthroat) will not be playable on these Carry Forward MWII maps.

Operators: SpecGru and KorTac Reinforcements

Expect 25 additional Modern Warfare III Operators (13 SpecGru, 12 KorTac) to bolster the Operator pool, allowing you to select from a total of over 90 different Operators across MWII and MWIII. Some Operators are instantly accessible. Locked Operators can be unlocked via in-game challenges or purchased in-Store. Any MWII Operators you have acquired will be carried forward and can be used in MWIII. Read more about Carry Forward here.

SpecGru Operators (13):

Price: Nemesis Reactive Skin available via MWIII Vault Edition purchase.

Ghost: Nemesis Reactive Skin available via MWIII Vault Edition purchase.

Blueprint (Mil-Sim): Initially available.

Rocket (Mil-Sim): Initially available.

Byline: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

Scorch: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Modern Warfare Zombies.

Ripper: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Modern Warfare Zombies.

Pathfinder: Unlocked after completing a Campaign Challenge.

Warrior: Available after purchasing the Call of Duty Endowment “Warrior” Pack, available November 10.

Riptide: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

BBQ: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

Jabber: Unlocked after completing a Campaign Challenge.

Jet: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

KorTac Operators (11):

          Warden: Operator and Nemesis Reactive Skin available via MWIII Vault Edition purchase.

          Makarov: Operator and Nemesis Reactive Skin available via MWIII Vault Edition purchase.

Blaze (Mil-Sim): Initially available.

Thirst (Mil-Sim): Initially available.

Alpine: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

          Enigma: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

Bantam: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

          Doc: Unlocked after completing a Campaign Challenge.

          Raptor: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

Corso: Unlocked after completing a Campaign Challenge.

Swagger: Unlocked after completing a challenge in Multiplayer.

Operator Customization: Select the Operator (whether from MWII or MWIII) from the main menu to check out their Customization Options, like additional Skins, Finishing Moves and biographical information.

Modern Warfare III Launch Comms Continues

Be sure to check back at the Call of Duty Blog between now and launch, as we confirm in-game content and offer deep dives on both Multiplayer and Zombies. Here’s what to expect prior to November 10:

Blog 1: Pre-Season Preparation: A look back at Intel Drops, confirmation of Preload and Early Access Times, and confirmation of the rewards you receive for playing the Campaign.

Blog 2: Mapping Out Multiplayer: You’re reading this Blog!

Blog 3: Fully Equipped: A Deep Dive into Loadouts (MP, MWZ): Gear up for the evolution of Perks, with detailed confirmation on all the launch Equipment, including Vests, Gloves, Boot, and Gear. Tacticals, Lethals, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks are also confirmed.

Blog 4: Upping Your Arsenal: Primary and Secondary Weapons (MP, MWZ): All launch weapons are confirmed, including Aftermarket Parts, and a weapon-balancing pass. The Gunsmith receives a statistical overhaul, and we break this all down for you.

Blog 5: Cosmetic Customization: Weapon Camos (MP, MWZ): Could this be the biggest weapon progression feature in Call of Duty history? We detail the immense Multiplayer and Zombies Camo Challenge and Weapon Mastery system for your MWII and MWIII arsenal!

Blog 6: Modern Warfare Zombies: Launch Content Overview: Join Operation Deadbolt, learning about the Mission structure, your Equipment and Zombies Field Upgrades, Acquisitions and Schematics, Acts, Tiers, Rewards and what to find during your deployments to the Exclusion Zone.

Stay Frosty.

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