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Introducing BlackCell, an Unparalleled Reinforcement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Introducing BlackCell, an Unparalleled Reinforcement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Step up to a higher class of combat excellence.

BlackCell represents a new premium offering that goes beyond the Battle Pass Bundle in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0, granting exclusive items in addition to expedited Battle Pass progression for $29.99 MSRP (or your regional equivalent).

BlackCell: An Overview

A Battle Pass Bundle and Pro Pack combined with even more items, BlackCell is a premium offering that provides incredible value – over 7,000* COD Points in value – to be used across both games:

Battle Pass BlackCell Sector, Token Tier Skips

The BlackCell Sector offers a unique entry point to the rest of the Battle Pass Map that allows you to unlock higher value items (higher tiered Battle Pass items) more quickly and instantly grants you the BlackCell Operator attired in an imposing animated Camo skin, Pro-Tuned Weapon Blueprint, Vehicle Skin, Finishing Move, and 1,100 CP bonus.

You can also take advantage of the 20 Battle Token Tier Skips that BlackCell comes with, and immediately unlock one of the two free functional weapons available in the Battle Pass.

You can also unlock more than a dozen other items within the Battle Pass, including COD Points, Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and Vehicle Skins by using these Battle Token Tier Skips to move proficiently and rapidly across the AO within the Battle Pass.

The regular Battle Pass will still be available each season for 1,100 COD Points. You can also upgrade to BlackCell at any point and receive those 1,100 COD Point back in addition to all the BlackCell content.

Immediate Item Unlocks, Including New Operator and Weapon Blueprint

BlackCell owners also get a number of immediate unlocks as well as the Battle Pass purchase, including the BlackCell’s very own Operator, known as Atom.

The BlackCell have their own armorer that can handcraft incredible Weapon Blueprints, too. In Season 03’s BlackCell Sector, you can get your hands on the “Singularity” Assault Rifle Pro-Tuned Blueprint, a five-attachment all-around beast of a weapon.

The “Singularity” Pro-Tuned Blueprint, comes with an extended magazine to help deal with multiple hostiles, a reflex optic for a precise sight picture, and a trio of attachments that help keep recoil and aiming stability in check: a brake, an angled grip, and a heavy barrel. All these attachments also come Pro-Tuned, meaning an Operator will have this weapon’s full potential unlocked straight out of the armory.

And when it comes to riding in style, the BlackCell make their mark on any Heavy Tank with a new Vehicle Skin, one of two additional instant unlocks in this Blackcell Sector alongside a new Finishing Move

Special Season 03 Bonus Operator Skins

For Season 03, all BlackCell owners will receive a Bonus series of BlackCell-only Battle Pass items available as exclusive additional unlocks on top of the regular Battle Pass content, within the AO Sectors. These include a dozen additional Operator Skins, all themed around the sleek black-and-gold aesthetic of the new addition to the Operator roster.

The bonus BlackCell Skins for each of the Battle Pass operator skins, including Ghost, Soap, and other favorite Operators across KorTac and SpecGru, unlocked with every Operator Skin unlock in the Battle Pass. For example: if the Battle Pass includes an Operator Skin in Sector C1, then BlackCell owners get BOTH that skin PLUS an exclusive BlackCell Operator Skin, which may or may not be for the same Operator.

1,100 COD Points Bonus

The value does not stop there for those who decide to be a part of BlackCell:

As previously mentioned, in addition to accessing up to 1,400 COD Points through the full Battle Pass, BlackCell includes an instant unlock of 1,100 COD Points within the BlackCell Sector that can be used on any other Bundle in the Store.

Just in Season 03 alone, the 1,100 COD Point Battle Pass, plus 3,000 COD Points’ worth of Battle Token Tier Skips, and 1,100 COD Points in BlackCell sector with the free items immediately on purchase for over 7,000* COD Points in value.

Consider picking up BlackCell when Season 03 launches on April 12 in Modern Warfare® II and WarzoneTM 2.0. For more intel on what this season has to offer outside this new Bundle, check out the full season announcement here.

Stay frosty.

*BlackCell sector value based on comparable in-game store bundles.

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