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Everything you need to know about World Series of Warzone 2023

Everything you need to know about World Series of Warzone 2023

Welcome to the World Series of Warzone 2023

Call of Duty®: Warzone ™ 2.0 competitors: It’s time to drop in.

The World Series of Warzone (WSOWTM) 2023 is about to be the biggest year yet for the Call of Duty: Warzone competitive scene, as we are ready to crown the best WarzoneTM players in the world and give out over $1 million in prizing. And the competition will now be open to competitors around the world, not just in North America and Europe.

Assemble your Trio and start warming up in Warzone 2.0, because WSOW 2023 is about to kick off this April:

Format and Schedule at a Glance

The WSOW 2023 season is broken up into two stages and a Last Chance Qualifier for North America and Europe. It also includes new regions, which will hold their own Qualifier events, and for the first time ever, the season will end with a live in-person finale.

North America and Europe Schedule

The first and second stages of the WSOW season include an In-Game Open where anyone can compete, a Qualifier, and a Final. Each stage’s Final includes $150,000 in prizing for each region. Each Final will be streamed live on the official Call of Duty® channel.

WSOW Stage I with the WSOW Trios playlist on April 27 at 10 AM PT. In addition to signing up on GameBattles (more details in the “How to Compete” section), Trios will play on a special WSOW Trios Playlist in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and attempt to put up their best 10 matches before 2 PM PT on April 30.

While the public Playlist will be available throughout this weekend for practice, the actual competition — and opportunity for official scoring for WSOW Stage I — will take place on April 28 through April 30 from 10 AM to 2 PM PT.

The top 50 Trios in each region will advance to the Qualifiers later in May, where they will play in a special five-map, custom lobby series with WSOW scoring. The 25 best Trios from this event — in addition to 25 Trios who will receive invitations from Activision — will compete in the WSOW Stage I Finals at the end of May.

At the WSOW Stage I Finals, teams will compete in a six-map, custom lobby series with WSOW scoring. The top 25 Trios in each region will automatically secure a place in their region’s WSOW Stage II Finals. The bottom 25 Trios will still end up with a place in the WSOW Stage II Qualifiers.

WSOW Stage II will take place in June and July with a similar In-Game Open, Qualifier, and Final format. However, the top 15 Trios in each regional Stage II Final will punch their ticket to the WSOW Global Final!

Meanwhile, the bottom 35 Trios will be joined by 15 Trios invited by Activision in the Last Chance Qualifiers, to be held in late July. This special five-map event will see the top 4 Trios qualify for the Global Final before a special WSOW Wildcard match.

In the WSOW Wildcard, the winning Trio — as in, the No. 1 team in terms of placement in that match — will take the final regional qualification spots in the WSOW Global Final.

New Regions for 2023

For a list of eligible countries and a breakdown of what countries apply to each region, please see the official full WSOW rules here.

The WSOW team will provide an update when these dates and additional qualifiers are locked, so stay tuned.

The WSOW Global Final and #SOLOYOLO Drop

The WSOW Global Final, to be held in September, will see the top 50 Trios in the world battle in a six-map, custom lobby series with WSOW scoring. Only then will the best Warzone Trio in the world will be crowned, with half a million dollars on the line. In addition, each Trio will be travel and accommodations as part of their qualification.

Stay tuned for more information about this Global Final, including when tickets are available for purchase and the venue where it will take place.

How to Compete for Over $1 Million in Prizing

For now, all your Trio needs to do is sign up for the WSOW Stage I Open on GameBattles , and get ready for the public Playlist to go live on the last weekend in April. Your Trio can track their progress using the WSOW In-Game Open Leaderboard, which will be launched during Season 03.

Can’t compete that weekend? No problem — you still have a chance to play for a Global Final spot in June and can practice until then with Ranked Play, coming later in-Season.

For those unfamiliar with WSOW scoring, players earn one WSOW Point for every elimination, then have that score multiplied by their placement in that match:

  • 1st Place: 2x WSOW Point Multiplier
  • 2nd–5th Place: 1.8x WSOW Points
  • 6th–10th Place: 1.6x WSOW Points
  • 11th–20th Place: 1.4x WSOW Points
  • 21st–35th Place: 1.2x WSOW Points
  • 36th–50th Place: 1x WSOW Points

Essentially, if you watched the Call of Duty Endowment Bowl earlier this year, you are ahead of the game when it comes to understanding how WSOW is scored. And who knows? You might just see those service members and influencer captains in your next WSOW In-Game Open lobby…

Rules and Settings

WSOW Stage I In-Game Open and Qualifier settings will be under WSOW rules, which is a variation of a standard match of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. This includes changes such as:

  • No turreted vehicles nor the Heavy Chopper (new to Season 03)
  • No in-match events (e.g. Fire sales, Jailbreaks, Restocks or Champions Quest)

After the debut of Warzone Ranked mode, all subsequent WSOW competitions, including the WSOW Stage I Finals, will utilize the Warzone Ranked competitive settings.

The full ruleset for the WSOW 2023 can be found here.

Competitive integrity is paramount in the World Series of Warzone.

During WSOW Qualifiers, Finals, and Last Chance Qualifiers, all participants must stream their gameplay and may be required to implement a stream delay or other configurations to their broadcast, such as frame rate and resolution as detailed by WSOW administration. Participants must stream their gameplay on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook.

All accounts will be checked to ensure they are in good standing before advancing in the competition. In order to be eligible to progress beyond the In-Game Open, you must be located in an eligible country; be over 18 years of age; be able to stream your gameplay on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube; and register your team on GameBattles.

In addition to RICOCHET Anti-Cheat™ — a multifaceted approach to combat cheating that includes server-side tools that monitor analytics to identify cheating, enhanced investigation processes, and more — all participants will need to pass an extensive and internal Activision security check to make sure their Activision accounts are in good standing. Participants found to have violated competitive integrity standards will be banned from all future Activision sponsored Warzone events and may be subject to further action. Participants will also need to ensure good standing with any current or future World Series of Warzone program partners.

More information on the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat™ Initiative can be found here.

We look forward to seeing the best Trios in the world compete for the WSOW 2023 Title!

Stay frosty.

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