What’s Playing on News and notable events in late January 2023

What’s Playing on News and notable events in late January 2023

As you slowly recoup from the post-holiday haze, take a moment to unwind and read up on the latest news from your favorite games.

Unleash Undead mayhem in Hearthstone, travel to the Tristram of eld in Diablo III, overpower an Old God in World of Warcraft Classic, and more.

Every two weeks, we help you catch up on all things by highlighting new content, developer updates, and “don’t miss” occasions to help you hit important dates and maximize each in-game moment.

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Discover Putricide’s new side in Battlegrounds Season 3

Command Undead and dual-type minions to master new strengths and synergies, join the Battle for Silvermoon, and concoct foul creations with Professor Putricide and his all-new Hero Power.

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Diablo III

Fell fiends from days past in the Darkening of Tristram event

Kick off the new year with some commemorative carnage and pay homage to the earliest days of Diablo! From now until January 31, you can delve into the depths of the anniversary dungeon to conquer challenging foes and unearth exclusive loot—or perish in the process, never to be heard from again.

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World of Warcraft

Dragonflight’s new content update arrives on January 24!

  • Complete monthly activities at the new Trading Posts located in Orgrimmar and Stormwind to earn currency and unlock cosmetics, pets, and mounts
  • Venture into The Storm’s Fury with your fellow adventurers to thwart the Primalists' latest machinations and earn a new mount and pet
  • Expand your wardrobe by adding Common (white) and Poor (gray) quality gear to your Appearances collection

Discover all of the details about the changes coming to Azeroth in the 10.0.5 content update blog.


Log in on February 1 to receive bonus Trader’s Tender

Trading Posts will arrive in Azeroth soon, and to celebrate the implementation of this new feature, you’ll be able to collect 500 of the new account-wide Trading Post currency from your Collector’s Cache.

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World of Warcraft Classic

Unearth the secrets of Ulduar

Join Brann Bronzebeard’s expedition, explore a Titan-forged citadel, and take part in an epic tournament as the forces of Azeroth prepare for a confrontation with the Lich King in the latest content phase of Wrath Classic.

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Overwatch 2

The divine design behind Junker Queen’s new Mythic skin

The artist responsible for Zeus Junker Queen’s high-voltage VFX sat down to discuss Season 2’s crowning cosmetic.

  • Overwatch 2’s Mythic skins are all about fulfilling fantasies. To achieve that, the team folds detailed visual effects into every part of the skin, intended to immerse players in the theme
  • Lightning is woven throughout Junker Queen’s look: her Scattergun’s muzzle flash simmers with sparks, hurling her knife at an enemy strikes them with a bolt of lightning, and her ultimate transforms into an electrical tempest
  • To ensure they aren’t straining the game’s memory, the team stays away from procedurally-generated textures. Instead, they hand-paint every effect

Check out this blog to learn more about the creation of Junker Queen’s super-charged new skin.

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