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Celebrate the return of the Lich King with a 1:1 scale Frostmourne replica

Celebrate the return of the Lich King with a 1:1 scale Frostmourne replica

King-killer. Nation-destroyer. Blood-spiller. Frostmourne. A sword renowned and reviled for the many history-shaping atrocities attached to its name. Whomsoever takes up this blade, it is said, shall wield power eternal—power that you can now possess, polish, and mount tastefully upon the walls of your home. 

This unique, 1:1 scale replica of Arthas's cursed runeblade is a masterwork of craftsmanship, wrought by the land’s finest blacksmiths and infused with the very essence of the Scourge. Along with its stainless steel blade and leather-wrapped pommel, this reproduction of the Lich King’s infamous weapon features an engraved lost wax casting and milling finishing, all hand-buffed to an icy sheen. 

It’s the perfect piece of refined décor and will undoubtedly become the center of your guests’ attention, prompting conversation and questions like: What are your thoughts about Arthas purging Stratholme? Frost versus Unholy—which do you think is the better Death Knight spec? Want to group up in Wrath Classic later and PUG Icecrown Citadel? Plus, for a bit of extra frosty flair, you can purchase a separate wall mount to proudly display your framed blade.

The time of your reign is nigh—stake your claim on the Frozen Throne by pre-ordering your Frostmourne replica now on the Blizzard Gear Store. 

Frostmourne Sword Replica:

This premium Frostmourne Sword 1:1 scale replica is truly one-of-a-kind. The sword body is made by lost wax casting with engraving, milling finishing, and manual polishing. The materials used to create this premium replica are zinc-copper alloy, stainless steel, and leather. Separate wall mount available. Keep out of reach of children. This item is meant for display only as an adult collectible.

  • Limited Edition
  • 49.21" h x 13.07" w x 4.72" l 
  • 16.75 lbs 
  • Zinc-Copper Alloy, Stainless Steel, Leather
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Officially Licensed 

Frostmourne Sword Wall Mount:

The Frostmourne Sword wall mount is the ultimate accessory to display your premium Frostmourne Sword Replica. Includes hanging instructions. Sword not included.

  • 22.05" h x 10.63" w x 3.9" l 
  • 6.72 lbs 
  • Metal, Resin 
  • Officially Licensed

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