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Gear up for the Call of Duty Shop; Drop in now!

Gear up for the Call of Duty Shop; Drop in now!

Gearing up for the next drop into Call of Duty®: Warzone™ or Call of Duty®: Vanguard? You better have the right gear from the Call of Duty Shop.

Opening its virtual doors right now, this revamped Call of Duty experience is fully dedicated to servicing fans with gear and clothing unlike anything before. It will have its own dedicated website – – as well as shops on Instagram and Facebook via the official Call of Duty account.

Whether you need a hoodie for long Battle Royale sessions with friends or a new tee to wear when you link up with them offline, the store’s initial offerings to be available at launch are for Warzone™ fans both old and new.

A Collection of Call of Duty Culture

With this new Store, we want to embrace the impact this franchise has had on our players, social media, and the world.

Don’t expect plain logo t-shirts here – from referencing the legendary 1887s to ensuring you’re always paying respects (by pressing F), this collection of apparel and accessories is built for true Call of Duty fans.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect in the store’s first Supply Boxes that can soon be right at your door:

MELTED – For when the weather is hot, the drops are hotter, and when you reduced the competition to a puddle… Available in multiple silhouettes and colors, a mineral washed short sleeve, maroon colored fleece, and a crop muscle tank-top.

BUY ME BACK – Be sure to round up all your cash to buy your teammates back. Available as a short or long sleeve shirt, this design will bring a smile to the entire squads’ faces. And remember: sharing is caring. 

Call of Duty Crest – A new take on the classic Call of Duty branded fleece and short sleeve, this collegiate crest-inspired graphic celebrates all things Call of Duty with a vintage lens.

‘Press F’ – Because three different weapon charms in Vanguard wasn’t enough. Originated in Call of Duty, adopted by video game memelords, get this design in a short sleeve and fleece options.

Designed for You: New Merch Drops Incoming

After this initial launch, expect a variety of new products dropping to promote some of the biggest moments in Call of Duty fans have yet to experience, including in current and soon-to-be released games!

Don’t want to miss out on anything new? Stay in the loop – follow the official Call of Duty Facebook page as well as the Call of Duty Instagram,  and you won’t miss when new drops hit the store!

For the latest Call of Duty Mobile news, visit the Call of Duty: Mobile website, as well as Call of Duty: Mobile on YouTube. Also follow Call of Duty: Mobile on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For the latest Call of Duty intel, visit Call of Duty, as well as Call of Duty on YouTube. Also follow Call of Duty on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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