What’s Playing on Early March 2022

What’s Playing on Early March 2022

The Shadowlands’s darkest hour draws near. In a desperate endeavor, the peoples of Azeroth must unite once more to contend against death itself, lest reality as they know it be undone. The fate of worlds is yours to determine, hero—are you prepared to prevent eternity’s end?

Every few weeks, we sample some of the limited-time highlights and “don’t miss” occasions to help you hit important dates and maximize each in-game moment. 

World of Warcraft

The Shadowlands: Eternity’s End Content Update is now live!

Step into Zereth Mortis, an otherworldly location that defies all concepts of reality or physics. Meet new allies, delve into a new and lyrical language, and engage in the campaign to push back against the Jailer and his malevolent will before he reaches his goal.

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Ready up for your day of reckoning in Reaper’s Code of Violence Challenge

Now through March 8, log in and play games to reap new rewards, including a player icon, sprays, and the Legendary Dusk Reaper skin. Plus, check out the latest Overwatch short story: “Code of Violence.”

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Now live: Rebirth Island Iron Trials

Do you have what it takes to get an exclusive Calling Card? Drop in and prove yourself now in this custom Battle Royale mode.

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