Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Introducing Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, Warzone™, and Mobile Prime Gaming rewards for Prime members

Introducing Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, Warzone™, and Mobile Prime Gaming rewards for Prime members

Attention, Call of Duty players who have Amazon Prime: get ready to be rewarded.

Call of Duty and Prime Gaming are collaborating to give away free Bundle drops across several games—including Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Mobile—for a limited time.

These Bundle drops,  include Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and more in-game content, as well as the new and exclusive World Series of Warzone Bundles  for Prime Members.

Like the World Series of Warzone, hype only gets you so far when in Verdansk or wherever your mission takes you in Call of Duty. Here’s what you need to know about this free in-game content with Prime, from signing up to what you’ll receive today and for future Bundle drops.

How to sign up for free in-game content with Prime

If you have an Activision account for Call of Duty and an Amazon Prime account, here’s what you need to do to start receiving free in-game content:

Step 1: Navigate to the Call of Duty Offer Detail Page:

Step 2: Click “Claim Now” on the active content drop.

Step 3: Log in with your Prime-enabled account or sign up for Prime.

Step 4: Click “Continue” to begin the account-linking process.

Step 5: Click “Go to Activision” to be redirected to Activision’s account-linking page.

Step 6: Log in with your Activision account and authorize Prime Gaming to fulfill content.

Step 7: Click “Complete Claim.”

You should only have to complete these steps once. After linking accounts, just navigate to the Offer Detail Page and select “Claim Now” on your desired drop and it’ll be yours in-game.

For the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone claimed Bundles, they will automatically be granted to your account. Go to the Weapons, Operators, or Barracks tab to access the latest in-game content from this limited-time Prime Gaming offer.

If you have an issue, please visit the FAQ section within

Kick-off Bundle—Bogged Down (Live Now)

Come hell or high water, you’ll be ready with the Bogged Down Bundle.

This five-item Bundle will equip you and your Operator with the following:

Epic “Swamp” Woods Operator Skin — No need to pack bug spray; Woods is ready for the worst conditions in the field with this ensemble inspired by wetland operations. Complete with mesh masks to keep pests from distracting you from your mission, this outfit is ideal for the Operator ready to squash the competition like bugs in the swamp.

Legendary “Track Master” SMG Weapon Blueprint — This five-attachment Weapon Blueprint for the slow-firing yet highly accurate SMG leans heavily into its mobility and low-recoil properties, allowing you to work those backwoods like your backyard. You can get a better handle on sustained fire with its Foregrip and Agency Suppressor, the latter of which also keeps you off the radar. It’s best used when aiming down sights; the ADS view will have a clear sight picture and slight magnification thanks to the Hawksmoor Optic. When it comes time to reposition, the Raider Stock grants considerably faster Sprint to Fire Time and Aim Walking Movement Speed, and as that magazine runs dry, the Vandal Speed Loader cuts reload speeds to just over a second and gives an additional starting magazine to boot.

Epic “Monsoon” Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint — When the action gets hot at long range, this four-attachment Weapon Blueprint will stop targets cold and make it rain. Based on the lone semi-auto sniper rifle in the category, this Weapon Blueprint comes with the SASR Jungle Grip—fitting for a Bundle based on combating the elements—which speeds up ADS time and considerably boosts flinch resistance. Combined with a Bipod, which reduces vertical and horizontal recoil, and an Infantry Stabilizer, which greatly reduces idle sway, this weapon can deliver more precise shots in quick succession, playing into its category-leading fire rate. Lastly, like the “Track Master,” this Weapon Blueprint also comes with a Vandal Speed Loader.

Epic “Swamp Mudder” Emblem — Spruce up that player profile with this Epic Emblem, which presents an Operator ready for wetland work.

Rare “True North” Weapon Sticker — If you’re lost in-game and need direction, you should look to your Tac Map instead of this compass Sticker... but it does look great on any weapon you apply it to.

This Bundle will be available to claim for free until October 12, 2021.

World Series of Warzone packs (Live Now)

The first exclusive Bundles to the Prime Gaming and Call of Duty partnership, the World Series of Warzone Summer 2021 Pack and the World Series of Warzone Bundle both celebrate this competitive event saga where some of the biggest names in Call of Duty play for the largest ever Warzone prize pools, all on Twitch Rivals.

Here is what you can find in both Bundles after claiming them through the Offer Detail Page:

World Series of Warzone Summer 2021 pack

Epic “Stolen Crown” Calling Card — In the top level of Warzone competitions, some players have a lone wolf mentality, while others want to lead their pack. With this Calling Card, you’ll mark yourself as the alpha of your squad.

Epic “Howl” Emblem — Much like wolves, top Trios split from their pack to hunt, communicating over long distances about predators and prey. Although the only howling to be done is the “LET’S GO!” cry at the end of a much-deserved victory, this Emblem shows that you’re ready to hunt for W’s.

1-Hour Double XP Token — Prestige Master doesn’t earn itself. This token will double all XP earned for a limited time when activated.

1-Hour Double Weapon XP Token — Need to level up the latest weapons for your Loadouts quicker than normal? Pop this token, and all Weapon XP will be earned at twice the rate for certain in-game actions.

World Series of Warzone Bundle

World Series of Warzone Bundle

NOTE: After claiming, the contents of this bundle can be immediately used in Black Ops: Cold War. All contents will be available in Warzone on Oct. 7.

Legendary “Shopping Cart” Assault Rifle Blueprint – This five-attachment fast-firing Assault Rifle is built for sweeping the competition away in close to medium range. Featuring gold standard attachments for competitive play–for example, the Agency Suppressor for both range and silent fire–this weapon is ideal for those searching for high-elimination games, especially if they love to drop into the Superstore.

Legendary “Management Material” SMG Blueprint – A five-attachment Weapon Blueprint based on one of the fastest-firing SMGs from Black Ops Cold War, the “Management Material” is here to help you show Verdansk who’s the boss. Like the “Shopping Cart,” the “Management Material” was pre-configured for a high-elimination competitive playstyle–take these two in a Loadout Drop with Overkill, and you’ll be one step closer to potentially playing like the WSOW Pros.

Epic “Crown” Weapon Charm – Becoming Verdansk royalty is not easy. Whether you sit atop the competitive throne or are ready to blow away the best in the game, you can equip nearly every Black Ops Cold War weapon with this golden crown charm to show off your determination for greatness.

Epic “Killcam Staredown” Calling Card – How can you make the enemy more embarrassed about seeing their own killcam? Equip this Calling Card, and when the enemy sees it next to your name on the killcam, they will know your confidence and ruthless aggression against anyone that stands in the way of victory.

Both Bundles will be available to claim for free until October 12, 2021.

Coming soon: More Bundles across Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and Call of Duty: Mobile

There’s plenty more in store for this partnership, so please check back for more information on future content drops on Prime Gaming, including content for Call of Duty: Mobile.

And above all else, execute the mission.

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