Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty®: Weekly Briefing — June 7

Call of Duty®: Weekly Briefing — June 7

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The Lead… Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Four is just around the corner!

While Season Three Reloaded is winding down to a close, the ‘80s Action Heroes event is still in full swing, as Action Heroes Moshpit continues this week. Operators can still play Rambo’s Gun Game and Die Hardpoint for the final week of Season three, along with other fan-favorite playlists, including 12v12 Moshpit.

Finally, there’s a Double XP and Double Battle Pass XP Weekend coming up for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, which starts on June 11 and runs through June 14.

What's In Store 

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The magic of the old world hasn’t been lost… just hidden along the path less traveled. So it is with this week’s first bundle, Tracer Pack: Runic Demise, a nine-item pack featuring three Weapon Blueprints: the “Decomposer” SMG, “Natural Wonder” Assault Rifle, and “Tree Branch” Shotgun. Also included are the “Deep Cuts” Finishing Move, “Death Runes” Emblem, “Fertilizer” Wrist Accessory, “Reclaimed” Vehicle Skin, and “Nature’s Call” Horn.  
 A kilowhopper assault rifle with lightning flashing behind it
Next up is Power Surge Reactive, a seven-item Bundle that also features three Weapon Blueprints: the “Short Fuse” Pistol, which is designed to three shots in short succession; the “Kilowhopper” Assault Rifle, a powerful weapon that evolves as you get kills; and the large capacity “Breaker Box” Shotgun. Also included are the “Electro-Bot” Charm, “Zap Zone” Reticle, “Power Surge” Calling Card, and “ZAP!” Emblem.
 A Lack Luster Tactical Rifle lying in the snow
Finally, the last highlighted bundle this week is Mammoth Stalker, a five-item pack destined to take down your most powerful enemies. Leave nothing but bones behind with the “Lack Luster” Tactical Rifle, featuring an extended mag and 6x optical sight. Also featured in the bundle are the “Golden Grazer” Charm, “Sleeping Giant” Emblem, “Fossil Fuel” Sticker, and “Compromised Recovery” Finishing Move.
Be sure to check out all these bundles and more at the Call of Duty store.

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Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Tournaments

Lots of tournaments are on tap this week, starting with Code Red presented by the Army National Guard, a 2v2 head-to-head kill race in Warzone. The event kicks off at 1PM PT on June 7 and June 9, and will have a $20,000 pool!

Next up is NY Warzonemania II, which is hosted by the NY Subliners team and runs June 7-8 beginning at 4PM ET on both days. Hosted by Lottie Van-Praag, with Studyy, JGOD, and IHOLDSHIFT, the tournament starts on June 7 here with a qualification day where 16 teams compete in a kill race for five hours. The top eight teams move onto Day Two on June 8, where they will compete in another kill race. First place wins $50,000, second place $30,000, and third place $20,000.

Also on June 8, Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown continues with its fourth weekly event, which streams here. Remember, this is the last week until the June 15 final!

Then on June 9, the LA Thieves Home Series: Legends Showmatch kicks off, hosted by the LA Thieves on their YouTube channel.  It’s Team Nadeshot vs. Team Aches in a 4v4 showatch featuring two team captains, Nadeshot and Aches, and six other players to be drafted live on the day of the event. Don’t miss it!

Finally, on June 10, TeeP’s Trials returns with a mini-royale Warzone tournament that starts streaming on his channel starting at 10AM PT.

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Heed the call.

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