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Introducing Wraith: An ex-NATO turned Perseus agent, reporting for duty in Season Three

Introducing Wraith: An ex-NATO turned Perseus agent, reporting for duty in Season Three

This ex-NATO operative-turned-Perseus-agent specializes in making a grand entrance using her expertise in infiltration and sabotage. Cold-blooded and intolerant of weakness, Wraith is the perfect antagonist to fight against the NATO special forces.

Available now in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™, Wraith joins the Warsaw Pact via the Season Three Battle Pass. Read on to learn more about Wraith’s mission to destroy the world order and rebuild from the ashes.

meet wraith

Meet Wraith

Full Name: Freya Helvig

Date of Birth: 02/29/1952

Nationality: Norwegian

Faction: Warsaw Pact

Blood Type: A+

First Language: Norwegian

Service: Ex-NIS (Norwegian Intelligence Service), Perseus

1973: Graduates University of Oslo, BS in Political Science

1974: Enlists in Forsvaret — Norwegian Armed Forces. Assigned to Norwegian Joint Headquarters (NJHQ).

1978: Recruited to NIS

Described in her annual assessments as a “true patriot,” “determined,” and “utterly focused,” Helvig is a model field agent.

Of those who have joined Perseus, Wraith is the only Operator who has sought them out in order to offer her services. Her political background, along with her experience at NJHQ, allowed her to understand that should the Cold War turn hot, Scandinavia would become a battlefront that would not survive the warring giants on either side.

She learned of Perseus while handling intercepts at NJHQ for the CIA in 1981. She did her research, discovered the cause, and turned her back on NATO to offer her loyalty elsewhere.

Wraith is a true patriot, one who sees the lies of her leaders for what they are. A loyalist and an expert in infiltration and sabotage, Wraith is an excellent Perseus asset.

battle pass intel

Battle Pass Intel: Get Wraith at Tier 0 and Tier 100

Purchase the Season Three Battle Pass to gain instant Tier 0 access to Wraith’s Legendary “Disruptor” Operator Skin, designed to intimidate and packed to the brim with lethal armaments.

Complete her included Operator Missions to receive XP rewards, cosmetic items for your player profile, and additional Operator Skins. Progress all the way to Tier 100 and instill terror in your enemies when you unlock Wraith’s Legendary “White Queen” Operator Skin.

the season three battlepass

The Season Three Battle Pass can be purchased for 1,000CP and gives you the ability to unlock all 100 Tiers within the Season Three Battle Pass system. You can also pick up the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,400 CP, including the Season Three Battle Pass along with 20 instant Tier Skips. By getting the Battle Pass Bundle, you’ll gain immediate access to items like the PPSh-41 SMG, the “Field Infantry” SMG Weapon Blueprint, the “Double Tap” Finishing Move, and more.

Ready up and deploy today in Season Three of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, now live and full of free new content. Visit for more info.

Execute the mission.

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