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Relive the Legacy: Announcing the Blizzard® Arcade Collection

Relive the Legacy: Announcing the Blizzard® Arcade Collection

In celebration of Blizzard’s 30th anniversary, we’ve recharged three console classics—with all the history, hard work, and love that went into making them—and added a few extras. Relive the legacy of The Lost Vikings®, Rock N Roll Racing®, and Blackthorne®, all faithfully reproduced on modern platforms, in the Blizzard Arcade Collection!

Fire up the time machine and start playing today on PC (for Windows 10®), Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One (the collection also plays great on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility). 

UPDATE [4/13/2021]: Lost Vikings® 2 and RPM RacingTM are now also part of the Blizzard Arcade Collection.

The Blizzard Arcade Collection includes two original console releases for The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne, and Rock N Roll Racing, allowing you to experience these games as you remember them (plus a few modern features like saving and rewinding). 

It also contains new Definitive Editions of each game with additional upgrades like enhanced local multiplayer for The Lost Vikings and Rock N Roll Racing, new songs and artist performances for Rock N Roll Racing, a new level map for Blackthorne, localization for 12 languages, and more. 

Last but not least, we’ve added a library of artifacts from these games’ heyday, like digital manuals, interviews with developers past and present, and classic artwork.

The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing, and Blackthorne continue to inspire us, so we’ve gathered Blizzard developers past and present to discuss what they love about each game and share some behind-the-scenes stories.

Learn more: The Lost Vikings
Learn more: Rock N Roll Racing
Learn more: Blackthorne

We hope you enjoy playing these classics as much as we did working on them, then and now. It’s good to see old friends again.


The Blizzard Classic Team

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