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What's Playing: Early August

What's Playing: Early August

Lena Oxton, or Tracer to her Overwatch teammates, has the nifty ability to skip backwards through time. This is useful in a firefight, but being able to flit back in time is even better when there’s so much to play and your calendar is full. We can’t all be like Tracer, but we can help tame the timestream by taking a high-level look at what’s ahead.

Every two weeks, we’re sampling some of the limited-time highlights, upcoming events, and other “don’t miss” calendar events to help you hit every important date and make every minute count.


Mini Holiday: Free T-Shirt Day (August 16)
Vendors have been spotted in several locations throughout Azeroth selling t-shirts for... FREE!!! There are even rumors of entertainers launching free secondhand shirts in capital cities!
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Time Runs Short: Battle For Azeroth (Reminder)
Before you journey to the Shadowlands, you may want to spend your remaining moments in the mortal realms seeking out a few rewards that will no longer be obtainable (or will be more difficult to acquire) in the next expansion.
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New Expansion: Scholomance Academy (Launches August 6)
On behalf of Headmaster Kel’Thuzad and the rest of our faculty, we’re thrilled to welcome you to Scholomance Academy, the fabled college of magic where knowledge is power, students are brimming with magical potential, and rumors abound of vile things lurking beneath the school grounds...


Season 21 (Live Now)
Have you checked out the new season yet? There are rewards to earn, challenges to overcome, and demons to slay. So, so many demons... yeah, that’s a lot of demons.
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War Chest 6 (Until September 24)
The latest StarCraft II War Chest is here, filled to the brim with cool new unlockables. Also, matches for the new War Chest Team League have started; check the tournament dates and tune in on YouTube to catch the action! Don’t miss the playoffs on August 16!
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New Announcer: White Ra (until August 10)
As part of the 10-year anniversary of StarCraft II, log in to the game between 7/27 and 8/10 to unlock a new announcer—the protoss-playing mastermind White-Ra—for free.
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Summer Games (August 4 – August 24)
Attention, athletes: It’s time for the 2020 Summer Games! Test your mettle in Lúcioball Remix, a new, crazier version of your favorite ball-based sport. Sharpen your skills in Copa Lúcioball Season 4. We’ve made major updates to our Busan and Sydney arenas, along with a variety of small updates to Lúcioball gameplay. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, hit the beach with legendary skins including Lifeguard Pharah, Surf’s Up Echo, and Tropical Baptiste. Unlock these and more, along with Summer Games items from previous years!


NEXOMANIA II (Begins 6/23/2020)
Gird your girdles for new Skins, Mounts, the bellowing Announcer MC Tombstone, special Quests, and more. All Loot Chests you obtain during Nexomania II have a higher chance to contain event-themed loot (except for Hero-specific chests).
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