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Last Chance for Season Three Battle Pass Gear in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®!

Last Chance for Season Three Battle Pass Gear in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®!

Season Three of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare marked a major moment for the community. On day one, Modern Warfare including free-to-play Warzone could unlock the goods in the fully reloaded Season Three Battle Pass system, like two free weapons. Or, Players could purchase the Battle Pass to access the complete selection of limited-time Operators, blueprints, vehicle skins, and more.

With just a few short days remaining in Season Three, it’s time to check in with your Battle Pass and make sure you’re not missing any tiers. This rewarding system will refresh for Season Four, so unlock the gear while you still can.

Alex Operator Skins and Gear: Tier 100 & Tier 0

  • Tier 100: ‘Indomitable’ Alex Skin
    Go bold and barefaced into the conflict with the ‘Indomitable’ skin for our favorite Campaign hero. This casual outfit features multi-terrain boots, distressed jeans, and a fleece pullover.

  • Tier 100: ‘Utility Tool’ Blueprint
    Fans of the marksman rifle weapon class will love this hotshot blueprint, with a dragon decal on the body and green scales dotting its ‘FTAC Hunter’ Stock.

Tier 100 also unlocks the ‘Goblin’ vehicle skin and a Legendary Season Three Emblem.

  • Tier 0: ‘Hard Wired’ Skin
    Purchase Battle Pass and this full-body tactical suit instantly unlocks for Alex. The suit shows off his new prosthetic leg after surviving the events of the Campaign.

    Tier 0 also unlocks the shirtless ‘Hard Labor’ Skin for Yegor, the ‘Big Sky Country’ vehicle skin, and a 10% Seasonal XP Boost!

Unlock a Full Arsenal of Limited-Time Blueprints: Here are some of our favorite weapon blueprints that are only available in the Battle Pass:

‘Guard One’ Handgun Blueprint: Tier 85

‘Beefeater’ Assault Rifle Blueprint: Tier 55

‘Chupacabra’ LMG Blueprint: Tier 45

Amp Up Your Strike Team: Unlock any Operator Skin for that Operator in Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone, including ‘Mil-Sim’s.

Get these epic new Operator skins in the Battle Pass before Season Three ends:

‘Death Dealer’ Mara Skin: Tier 90

‘Tracker’ Talon Skin: Tier 80
‘SKSF I’ Mil-Sim Operator Skin: Tier 30

Bet on Black: A special-edition variant of the fan-favorite Operator watch, the ‘Tomogunchi’ Black, is only available while Season Three lasts.

‘Tomogunchi’ Operator Watch: Tier 93

Get Up to 1,300 Call of Duty® Points: Unlock all 100 tiers and you’ll walk away from Season Three with 1,300CP: enough to treat yourself to a new Store Bundle. Or, save the CP you earned for the next jam-packed Battle Pass in Season Four!

Unlock Tiers Fast with a Triple Feed!
Jump in and double up on rewards. From May 29 at 10AM PT to June 2 at 11PM PT, all Multiplayer including Warzone players have access to Season Three’s last triple feed event!

That means you get Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass system tier progression until Season Three ends.

Get Your Rewards

The clock is ticking! Hop into a Multiplayer, Special Ops or Warzone match to unlock any remaining Battle Pass tiers. Season Three ends June 2 at 11PM PT, so go after it!

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