Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - The Story So Far

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - The Story So Far

From the end of General Barkov’s reign to the collapse of Armistice, this is the story so far for Modern Warfare, including Warzone.

Our Story Begins in the Campaign

In a desperate mission, Captain John Price and the SAS partner with the CIA and the Urzikstani Liberation Force (ULF) to retrieve stolen chemical weapons from a terrorist organization known as Al-Qatala. CIA operative Alex is embedded with the ULF, working with Farah, leader of the ULF, and her brother in return for their help.

All of this is to neutralize or capture Al-Qatala’s leaders and associates: “The Butcher,” “The Wolf,” and another hidden threat that Alex, Kyle, Farah, and Price discover as they join forces to stop the world from plunging into a third global war.

Learn more by playing the Campaign of Modern Warfare.

The Story Continues in Special Ops

It is up to the global alliance Armistice, a joint force of Allegiance and Coalition Operators led by Kate Laswell (CIA) and Sergeant Kamarov (FSB), to stop and sever a global terror organization’s access to weapons, funds, intelligence, and hardware.

Advance the story by playing Operations—four-player co-op experiences where you use your Operators and team up with friends or the Call of Duty community—to infiltrate the city of Verdansk and slow the spread of Al-Qatala’s influence.

Operation Headhunter and Kuvalda

Our Operators are briefed on their goal: to destroy this terrorist network, targeting major threats one by one until they find and neutralize their mysterious new leader.

First, they target Almalik, AQ’s (Al-Qatala) slumlord-in-chief. Armistice assaults Almalik's base of operations and mark his weapons for airstrike, spiking the AQ foothold in Verdansk.

Operation Paladin and Crosswind

In Operation Paladin, our Operators go behind enemy lines, extract Dr. Linda Morales, and user her intel to hunt ‘Mr. Z’—benefactor and source of AQ's new arsenal.

Then, in Operation Crosswind, the Armistice Operators infiltrate the AQ-occupied Verdansk Airport, board the hijacked airplane, and recover its deadly cargo.

Operation Harbinger and Brimstone

Next on Armistice’s hit list is “El Traficante,” a smuggler that is aiding Al-Qatala in shipping dangerous wares in and out of Verdansk. However, there is a problem: El Traficante's train has left the quarry carrying explosives. Our Operators must fight their way through the railyard, recall the train, and rig it for detonation.

Operation Just Reward and Strongbox

This final pair of Operations in the eight-part Special Ops story centers around “The Banker,” the holder of Al-Qatala’s purse strings.

Conduct the most badass bank heist by using stolen crypto keys to break into his bank, crack open the vault, and escape the premises with enough cash to put “The Banker” out of business.

Just like Campaign, you can experience all of these Co-Op Operations in the full Modern Warfare experience.

Season One

The efforts in Co-Op have sent the Al-Qatala army into a retreat. However, the fact that the Armistice is comprised of otherwise sworn enemy factions (Demon Dogs, Chimera, Spetsnaz, etc..) doesn’t slip past Mr. Z. Although the Special Operations proved successful, Mr. Z has slowly antagonized and undermined the Armistice cooperation which is beginning to pose an even greater threat.

  • The Allegiance shoot down an Al-Qatala cargo chopper carrying chemical weapons
  • The Coalition arrives to claim ownership of the deadly weapons
  • The new AQ leader watches the action unfold while conducting his own attack

Ghost Joins the Fray in Season Two

As the distrust between the members of the Armistice has turned into a violence, the Commanders (Laswell, Kamarov, Price, and Nikolai) fight to remain order between the factions and Price sends in Ghost.

  • Al-Qatala agents have stolen a Soviet nuclear warhead and smuggled it into Verdansk
  • Captain Price sends in Ghost to track down the location of the warhead
  • The infighting in the Armistice has reached a new high

Alex’s Shocking Return in Season Three

With the Armistice broken, more trusted Operators are needed on the ground to find the point of origin and resolve the growing hostility.

  • Alex joins the ongoing battle in Verdansk after a triumphant return
  • Armistice forces are fighting each other in Verdansk, as Operators struggle to survive the encroaching gas

The Story Continues…

The quickening instability in Verdansk, following the fall of the Armistice, is becoming a bigger threat, maybe even bigger than Al-Qatala. In response, Captain John Price joins the battle

  • Mr Z—Victor Zakhaev plan is working and now Armistice Operators are “targeting their own,”
  • Captain Price joins in a hope to end the battle between Coalition and Allegiance factions and focus on the real threat: Mr. Z

See how the battle rages on in Verdansk by playing Warzone, or learn the origins of this story through Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special Ops in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Stay frosty.

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