Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: Bruen Mk9

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: Bruen Mk9

The LMG arsenal is now a half-dozen strong thanks to the Bruen Mk9, the latest weapon in Modern Warfare, including Warzone.

In order to unlock the family, you can either complete a challenge, or purchase the Encryption bundle to get a blueprint version in the Light Machine Gun Foxtrot family before you have full access to it. Here’s what you’ll be adding to your Primary Weapon collection:

Bruen Mk9 Overview

The Bruen Mk9 is a high fire-rate LMG with the best accuracy in its class. The Bruen excels at medium range, and its long reload time can be combated with a 60 Round Mag attachment, featured in the Glitch blueprint.

Blueprint Loadout

The Glitch

Available in the Encryption Bundle, The Glitch Legendary blueprint showcases this new high-tech LMG with state-of-the-art attachments.

Here’s a loadout you could use for Warzone and Multiplayer:

Primary: Bruen Mk9 – The Glitch

Secondary: Good Company blueprint

Perks: Kill Chain, Hardline, Battle Hardened

Equipment: Frag Grenade, Stim

The Glitch has more than enough rounds to deal with enemies, but if that clip runs dry, the Good Company is a solid handgun that can blast enemies back.

Kill Chain and Hardline are phenomenal complementary perks in Multiplayer. In Warzone, you’ll reap the rewards of increased Killstreak spawns out of Supply Boxes and discounts at Buy Stations. Battle Hardened is great all-around.

The bread-and-butter Frag Grenade is always a solid choice for lethal equipment. Stim will help you regain health quickly.

Warzone Loadout Suggestion

Ante Up

Primary: Bruen Mk9

Secondary: Strela-P

Perks: Cold-Blooded, Pointman, Amped

Equipment: C4, Heartbeat Sensor

The Foregrip, Tac Laser, and Rubberized Grip Tape all reduce and stabilize recoil, and they pair well with the 4.4x magnification Sniper Scope. No Launcher compares to the Strela-P in taking out vehicles.

The C4, meanwhile, is for planting on vehicles you think the enemy will take, so that you can blow them sky high when they try to escape. If they run out of the vehicle as you destroy it, the Heartbeat Sensor will aid you in tracking them down.

The perk combo is great for avoiding AI targeting systems and thermal optics, boosts the rewards from completed Contracts, and allows for faster weapon swaps.

Multiplayer Loadout Suggestion

When There’s Smoke...

Primary: Bruen Mk9

Secondary: Caldera Blueprint (Available in the Pyromaniac Bundle)

Perks: E.O.D., Overkill, Battle Hardened

Equipment: Flaming Throwing Knife, Smoke Grenade

The Summit barrel boosts range and mitigates recoil, while the underbarrel and stock attachments assist with keeping a steady aim. If an enemy pushes up close, switch to the Caldera Shotgun to really light them up with those Dragon’s Breath Rounds.

Firestarter Bundle owners who have the Caldera will also have the Flaming Throwing Knife, a great last resort weapon that gives you one-hit melee swipes or crazy cross-map takedowns. E.O.D. and Battle Hardened give your Operator resistance to non-Killstreak explosives and some Tactical Equipment pieces.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tinkering with the Bruen Mk9 in Gunsmith and in-game.

We’ll see you online.

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