Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Become a True Weapon Master with Obsidian Camo, Now in Call of Duty:® Modern Warfare®

Become a True Weapon Master with Obsidian Camo, Now in Call of Duty:® Modern Warfare®

Think you’ve truly mastered a weapon? Think again! Read our tips for unlocking the all-new Obsidian Camo for your favorite primary, secondary, or for every single weapon in the game. 

By now, you may have earned Gold camo on a weapon by completing 10 different camo challenges. Maybe you’ve earned the Platinum camo by earning Gold for an entire weapon category. Or, if you’re an extremely dedicated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Operator, you may be proudly displaying your Damascus camo.

Now, a brand-new camo has become available: Obsidian camo, the ultimate badge of honor for weapon mastery. Unlocking it for a single weapon—let alone the entire arsenal—will take time, but those who put the effort in will be rewarded with one striking camouflage for that weapon.

Here is how you unlock Obsidian camo, and what advice we have for those chasing one of the ultimate prizes within Modern Warfare.

Chasing Obsidian Camo

Get Gold

Before you even step on the path to Obsidian for a given weapon, you must first unlock Gold for it.

Each level up on a given weapon can unlock a weapon attachment, perk, and/or a camouflage that can be equipped through Gunsmith.

Within each camo set are nine more camo patterns to unlock through camo challenges—unique objectives for every weapon class that test your abilities with that weapon in Multiplayer. These challenges have multiple tiers to them, giving you a new pattern upon completion of each step until you’ve fully completed the objective.

Completing all ten camo challenges unlocks the Gold camo for that weapon and each weapon class has different camo challenges.

You only need to unlock Gold on a weapon in order to then go for Obsidian camo.

Unlocking Obsidian 

Just like Gold camo, all the weapon categories have different criteria for unlocking Obsidian camo. Check out a few below:

Assault Rifles - Kill 15 enemies in a match 200 times.

  • Tip: You can “stack” objectives in a single match. For example, if you get 30 kills with the AK-47, you get two tallies towards Obsidian.

SMGs - Kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times.

  • Tip: Try using attachments that increase damage range for low fire rate SMGs and attachment that boost hip fire accuracy for fast firing ones.

Shotguns - Kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times.

  • Tip: Consider using Stim in your loadout to heal up faster to keep the pressure up in each engagement.

LMGs - Kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times.

  • Tip: Consider Ground War for more enemies, and don’t forget to mount them to better manage their recoil!

Read more on tips for gaining Obsidian for each weapon on the Games Blog.

Now you know how to unlock Obsidian, there is no time to waste: head to Modern Warfare and prove your true mastery of your favorite weapon…

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.

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