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An Introduction to Modern Warfare®’s Campaign

An Introduction to Modern Warfare®’s Campaign

When everything you know is threatened, you might have to get your hands dirty, so the world stays clean.

The single-player Campaign of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® engulfs you in a raw and gritty narrative set against the backdrop of modern times, pushing you to bend rules and break boundaries. You will engage in covert operations alongside a diverse cast of international special forces and freedom fighters.

In the words of Call of Duty veteran Captain John Price, “Stay frosty”….

Missing Weapons in Action

Chemical weapons have fallen into the hands of terrorists, and the hunt is on to recover them before they threaten the world with an attack. CIA Operative Alex partners up with Urzikstan Liberation Force (ULF) Commander Farah Karim and her brother in exchange for help to recover the stolen weapons. But that assistance comes at a cost.

High Stakes with Global Impact

Meanwhile, central London is rocked by a terrorist attack, which brings former British Army Officer Kyle Garrick and Captain Price into the fight. They both join the CIA and ULF to battle through betrayals, moral dilemmas, and no-win situations to stop a full-scale global war.

Immersive Narrative and Gameplay

Expect the Campaign gameplay to be reflexive and strategic, supporting the narrative through a variety of playstyles. The story will examine the origins of characters while testing your skills and decision-making. Fight in close quarters, stealth missions, and long-range combat to find success in tense situations. While your tactical readiness is put to the test, you’ll be faced with decisions fit for the most hardened of Operators.

Are you willing to bend the rules of engagement and do whatever’s necessary to keep the world safe? Find out when you dive into the Modern Warfare Campaign.

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