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Find That Perfect Blizzard Gift With New Wish Lists

Find That Perfect Blizzard Gift With New Wish Lists

Whether you’re gearing up for the holidays, getting ready for a birthday, or just looking for a special way to tell a friend “GG!”, we’re excited to introduce new, easy-to-use Wish List and gifting features—available now on the Blizzard Shop. Now you can add games and items to your own Wish List and easily view your friends’ Wish Lists to send them that perfect gift.

​Adding To Your Wish List

See a game or in-game goodie that catches your eye while browsing the digital Shop? Just click Add to Wish List so you can come back to it anytime. Or who knows? Maybe a good friend will gift it to you. . . .

Viewing Your Friend's Wish List

Have a Blizzard friend with a birthday coming up, but not sure what they’d like? Or just want to say “thanks” for some awesome support in a recent game? Check out your friend’s Wish List to take away the guesswork, and get them something you know they want! Just right-click your friend’s name, select View Wish List, and start exploring.

Editing Your Sharing Setting

Not ready to share your Wish List with your friends yet? No problem—you can easily toggle your Wish List’s visibility on the Wish List page.

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