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Life at Blizzard: Mason's alternative method of getting to work

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Mason has been coming to Blizzard with me ever since he was a pup, and having a rideshare program that encourages alternative methods of getting to work is awesome. Blizzard actually pays us for every day we don’t take up a parking space on campus as a single driver, and with our weather it’s a pretty sweet perk and super easy to participate. Biking to work is a lot of fun, gets my blood moving in the morning and saves me money on gas. We have bikeways all around our Irvine campus, which saves time with no traffic or signals to navigate, and it’s a really peaceful way to prepare for my day. And you'd better believe Mason loves it, because what's not to love? Wind in his fur, flappy ears flapping, great views, and the best part of all: his human doing all the work. He just sits back like a happy #corgi loaf getting chauffeured around snacking on baby carrots. Talk about having your #blizzlife dialed in, sheesh…” 

- Michael, Executive Coordinator
- Mason, Assistant to the Executive Coordinator

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