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Life at Blizzard: Behold the Headhunter Skull!

Our employees are the heroes behind our heroes. We're excited to share what daily life at Blizzard is all about!

Blizzard’s Employee Referral Program has cash bonuses for successfully referring talented people, but we also wanted to express our appreciation on a more...personal level.

Behold the Headhunter Skull!

This grim little guy is a suitably ironic take on our Talent Acquisition team logo (lovingly created by master @samwisedidier) and was sculpted in-house by our ridiculously gifted Creative Development group.

It’s a sweet reminder that it takes a Blizzard to build a Blizzard, and how much we value everyone’s help in keeping us fully loaded as we continue to grow. And so it gratefully happens throughout the year that regional top referrers earn their chance to take home one of the most coveted and exclusive sculpts in all the #blizzlife

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