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Celebrate the Feast of Winter Veil with the Community Discords Program

Celebrate the Feast of Winter Veil with the Community Discords Program

The Feast of Winter Veil is upon us and the Community Discords Program members have many festive activities and support waiting for you this winter.

A Message from the Community Team

We want to wish you and your family the warmest of winter wishes from everyone on the community team. May your loot be plentiful and may Greatfather Winter bring you delightful gifts this year under the trees in Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

The Secret Finding Discord

The Secret Finding Discord is thrilled to announce its support for secrets in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery! Players can now use the Secret Finding Discord dedicated channel to pool their expertise and collaboratively tackle the latest mysteries the game has to offer in the Season of Discovery!

Dungeon Dojo

With Dragonflight Season 3 in full swing, the Dungeon Dojo is planning the following activities:

Weekly Activities

Seven Days a week the Dojo is helping players learn the new dungeons in Dragonflight Season 3, gearing up through Mythic plus, or achieving Keystone Master.

In addition to this, every Friday the Dojo organizes a raid night in Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope, Normal Difficulty, for those who want to experience this end game content without the stress. The groups are usually a mixture of very experienced players and new ones.

Christmas Art Competition

To celebrate the Feast of Winter Veil, the Dungeon Dojo is holding a competition that wants to showcase the artistic side of the WoW community!! Digital or hand-drawn artwork, or in-game creative screenshots to celebrate the festive season.

All-Druid Raid

To celebrate this druid-centric patch 10.2, the Dungeon Dojo is organizing an All-Druid raid in Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope, to showcase the versatility of this class!


ChromieDE has published Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope guides (in German) with detailed pictures and links to their Discord server where you can ask for additional tips!

Every Friday morning at 09:00 CET there is a community raid intended for beginning raiders and newcomers!

Information about this raid can be found here and in the Discord Channel: #viewerraid.


Feast of Winter Veil Celebration – Blackhand

Taking place on the Blackhand realm, this community celebration has been around since 2014. Join them for an in-game gifts giveaway.

Join them in Orgrimmar on December the 9th 16:00 to 21:00 CET. The event will be streamed at

Winter Veil Photo Competition

Join GoldGoblinNET community for a festive screenshot competition taking place on their Discord server!

Academia di Scholomance

On a similar note, Academia di Scholomance is hosting their own festive transmog contest! This contest will begin on the 8th of December and will end on the 26th, with the announcement of winners on the 27th.


December in Starship promises thrilling adventures for players of all levels. From their Weekly Raid School to the "Race to World Worst: Season 3," the month is packed with excitement.

Starship Raid School

Join the Starship crew every Sunday at 20:00 Realm time for the Weekly Raid School in Amirdrassil. It's an inclusive space for new players and alts to learn raiding basics. Can't make it this week? No worries, join us next time. The event is also live-streamed on Twitch at

Race to World Worst: Season 3

Registration is open for Dragonflight Season 3 of the legendary "Race to World Worst" in January. Teams of three adventurers, capped at level 30, race through Wrath of the Lich King dungeons to win great prizes. Limited spots are available, so register early for this high-stakes speed run tournament. More info about the event is on the dedicated page on the Starship  website here:

See a full list of Community Discords mentioned here.

Have a very happy Feast of Winter Veil!

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