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Adopt Dottie and Support Make-A-Wish® and WE!

Adopt Dottie and Support Make-A-Wish® and WE!

Meet Dottie, the adorable baby alpaca. When you adopt her in-game, you’ll be helping Make-A-Wish® and WE charities aid children in need.

When you purchase the in-game pet by December 31, 2019* in the Blizzard Shop or the in-game shop, we’ll donate 100% of the purchase price** to be shared equally with Make-A-Wish® and WE.

Dottie is ready to leave Vol’dun and bound happily alongside you, exploring new frontiers. You may find yourself humming songs about her before long!

About Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish® creates life-changing wishes for critically ill children in the U.S. and around the world. For more information about Make-A-Wish in the United States, visit Outside the United States, visit

About WE

WE is a family of organizations that makes doing good, doable. WE was founded with a mission to fight child labor and has since grown and evolved to address the root cause of child labor - extreme poverty. In the past 24 years, WE’s programs have empowered over 1 million people with clean water, built 1,500 schools overseas, and empowered more than 200,000 children with access to education. Visit to learn more.

* Pet not available in World of Warcraft® Classic. Dottie will remain available for adoption in the Blizzard Shop or from the in-game shop after the charitable donation period ends on December 31, 2019.
**Donation amount for in-game pet excludes chargebacks, refunds, and value added taxes (VAT) or other similar taxes paid with a maximum donation amount of USD $3 million from all sales of the Dottie in-game pet for charity.

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