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Haunted Azeroth: The Frightening and Bizarre

Haunted Azeroth: The Frightening and Bizarre

In honor of Hallow’s End, our experts have trudged through every swamp, cave, crevice, dungeon, and field to bring you some of the scariest and most bizarre locations and occurrences in Azeroth. If you have a thirst for a good scare or curiosity, then you’ve come to the right place.

Tirisfal Glades

It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the home territory of the Forsaken serves as host to a couple of Azeroth’s most haunting and bizarre occurrences.

Mushroom Ring: A Haunting Melody

West of Deathknell in the Whispering Forest, a ring of ghostly white mushrooms sits awaiting ––something. If you’re patient, you’ll bear witness to a group of faerie dragons slowly appear around it and perform a ritual of song – a haunting melody that will linger with you long after you leave (especially if you loot the Faerie Dragon music roll and add it to your Garrison Jukebox.)  


Throne Room of Lordaeron: The Blood of a King

Perhaps one of the most well-known haunted locations is the Throne Room in the Ruins of Lordaeron above the Undercity.  Walking through the hallway that leads to the area, an indication of the festive reception that awaited the favored son, Arthas Menethil as he returned home is indelibly pressed into the flagstones at your feet. Crushed petal stains give testament to the pomp and circumstance.

Once you enter the throne room proper, you’ll notice traces of the blood of King Terenas Menethil staining the floor from when son, Arthas embraced father one last time – with steel. If you listen, you will hear the echoes of time whisper to you the occurrences of that fateful day.

This kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order, that will shake the very foundations of the world!”


If you value your sanity, we suggest you not linger in the voices too long. They have a way of seeping into your very soul.

Deadwind Pass

The Tell-Tale Heart of Karazhan’s Crypt

The winds of Deadwind Pass are ceaseless, carrying the sounds of creeks, howls, screeches, and all manner of hair-raising emanations. You may already know of the horrors that lay within Karazhan’s halls, but perhaps you have yet to venture into the mouth of its crypt.

You’ll find the crypt within Morgan’s Plot behind Karazhan. On entry, you can hear the faint sound of a heartbeat. You won’t be able to go far (and that may be a good thing), but your imagination and that relentless thump thump thump thump may just push you over the edge of sanity if you linger too long.


Elwynn Forest

Elwynn Forest has seen its share of historical events, but on its surface, it seems like a place where you could raise a family, but even this place has its share of secrets.

Stormwind Barber Shop: A Closer Shave

Within the Trade District patrons to the Barber Shop come and go without a second glance (save in the mirror) never taking a moment to think much more of the jovial Jelinek Sharpshear. But ask yourself, have you ever looked at what lies beyond the warm and friendly shop’s façade?  Have you braved the stairs at the back of the room? A quick jaunt to the second floor will have you questioning… everything. A glance in the back bedroom will have you wondering if the straight razor on the table had anything to do with the remains beneath the floorboards.


Goldshire Inn: Ring Around the Rosie

Seven a.m. seems a reasonable time for children to be awake in Goldshire, but something strange with six of them is afoot. Each morning they move together in a bizarre and unexplainable pattern as if directed by an unseen force between Stormwind and a building in Goldshire. All seems as it should be and Skinning Trainer Helene Peltskinner and Leatherworker Adele Fielder don’t seem concerned in the least on the bottom floor.  Once upstairs though, the feeling of the home becomes darker and things take on a more ominous tone. Spending more time with these children can be a test of nerves. Those who have observed their behavior at the home report strange noises, screams, and even the voice of the dark god C’thun himself.


Blasted Lands

Mysterious Ritual on the Mount

High above the Shattered landing, the strange and mysterious remnants of what could possibly have been a ritual gone awry, sit untouched and unspoiled by the ongoing struggles below it. Four skeletal remains sit with jars at hand and a shackled pillar between them – the chains adorned with small metal-worked dragon heads. A basin filled with a golden glow beneath it swirls. No sign remains as to whether their ritual was successful or was the means of their demise.


These are just a very small few of the places that you can find throughout Azeroth. Only the curious and brave will make the journey, but we are sure it will be worthwhile. If you have a favorite location that sets your hair on end, feel free to share it with your fellow thrill seekers below.

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