Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble: Season 3 Overview

Warcraft Rumble: Season 3 Overview

Gather around fellow Rumblers; the new year starts with loads of exciting news for Warcraft Rumble. A new season, new Leader, shiny new Cosmetics, and PvP Enchantments are coming soon, so pump up your troops and prepare for the matches ahead.

New Leader

Straight from the searing heat of Blackrock Depths comes the new playable Leader, Emperor Thaurissan, during Season 3 of Warcraft Rumble beginning January 21 from the Guild Warchest and through PvP as a reward.

Emperor Thaurissan won't be available in the G.R.I.D until Season 4, but don't worry; you can add him to your collection of Minis through the Guild Warchest, PvP, or three Store offers—one at season start, one mid-season, and another at the end of the season.

  • Name: Emperor Thaurissan 
  • Family: Blackrock 
  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Traits: AOE, Ranged, Elemental, Fiery Weapon

Leader Abilities:
  • Lava Spike: A ranged elemental attack with an additional melee physical damage component.
    • Thaurissan targets the farthest enemy within range, and slams the ground, summoning a magma pillar below the enemy.
    • The magma pillar deals damage to the target and nearby enemies within a small area, and applies Burn.
    • The ground slam also causes a small earth spike directly in front of Thaurissan, applying physical damage to all enemies in melee range.
    • Thaurissan will target enemies within melee range if no ranged targets are available, summoning the magma pillar, and the earth spikes directly in front of him.
  • Fiery Weapon: Allies apply Burn when dealing Physical damage.


Moira's Wit
Nearby Burning enemies heal Thaurissan.
After playing Thaurissan, your next non-Elemental Mini deploys with +2 levels.
Lava Spike's Burn is permanent.

New Cosmetics

Brave the battlefield with panache with the new Judgment Tower Skin, available in Guild Warchests on January 21.

Unlock the exclusive Gnomelia Plane Burning Emote, which is earnable through PvP and obtaining a 16,000 rating.

PvP Enchantments and Map Rotations

Introducing Enchants

Turn the tables and leverage unique anomalies in PvP with Enchants, a new exciting game mechanic coming soon to Warcraft Rumble.

  • Collateral Damage – Towers deal 20% damage to their owner's Barracks when destroyed.
  • Hero's Resolve – Leaders level up each time they are played.
  • Stonebind - Towers convert to Meeting Stones when destroyed.
  • Ward - A good old fashioned brawl!
  • Adrenaline Rush - Your income increases as your Base health decreases.


Map Rotation Changes

Starting in Season 3, PvP maps will now be randomized instead of one map per season and Enchants will replace the "Map" tile you see before starting a PvP match.

Get ready to find new comps and synergies between your Minis and embrace the action-packed fun of Warcraft Rumble, before Season 3 makes like a Defias Bandit and sneaks up on you. Stay on top of the latest Warcraft Rumble news on the official site and follow us on our social channels: Instagram, X, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

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